Has anyone gone to the Loehmann's in Pasadena recently?

  1. I am going there within this week and i was wondering what you found there. I saw a post from Jun.2 but i was wondering if there was an updated list of the tokidoki they found.
  2. you can call there and ask what tokidoki they have in stock. if you get an SA that's clueless or doesn't know what it is, ask for someone else cause there are some SA's that do not know what you'll be talking about.

    just in case you get a clueless SA, mention they're by LeSPORTSAC and it's called Tokidoki =)
  3. i went just yesterday, but they only had the 1 citta rosa trenino...which i didn't need.
  4. I went to Loehmans here in NY and they had a whole buch of citta scuola's and an arancia ciao ciao. Nothing I was looking for :sad:.
  5. I just got back from Beverly's Center Loehmans. My Mom came to visit from Indiana and we just had to have some Tokidoki fun.

    They had a lot Tokidoki. At least 8 (maybe 10) Citta Scuola, 10 Arancia Buon Viaggio and 5 (now 3, Mom and I both got one) Arancia Zuccas. We got the ones with the most monkeys in the inside.
  6. DO you guys think that the stock will change tomorrow? probably not
  7. hmmm
  8. I'm going to Macy's in Pasadena, the one on S. Lake Ave. I'm going to return a Citta Rosa Bella. I just don't need it and I bought some other tokidoki since I got it. It is in perfect condition with the qee and everything. So if anyone wants one, you can get it there.:tup:

  9. OMG! is the popcorn guy on it? Did you return it yet? Ah!
  10. I just returned it but one of the SA's latched onto it and is probably going to get it for herself. I don't remember if the popcorn buy was on it or not.
  11. aww and i was planning to get it
  12. bummer. have you been to loehmann's in Pasadena? I am curious if they still have tokidoki.
  13. I just came back from the Beverly Hills Loehmann's. They have 5 Citta Scuolas, 1 Arancia BV, and 3 Arancia Zuccas...hope that helps someone out
  14. I was at the Sunnyvale Loehmanns in NorCal the other day and they didn't have a single toki :sad:. They had some ugly Lesportsux bags and that was it! I guess all the tokis were snatched up!
  15. I was at the Loehmanns in Pasadena earlier today. They had a citta rosa trenino and an orange nuvola. That's it.