Has anyone gone to the GUCCI store in woodbury commons? :)

  1. im thinking of going later.. hehe just wondering if any if you gals saw anything nice :smile:
  2. welp, i haven't been there in a really long time & i've heard that it's hit or miss pixiedust82...but you can get some really great deals there on both new & old styles...one of my gucci bags came from there :smile:
  3. I've been there twice and it is hit or miss. ;)
  4. go mavs!- I thought they were kinda pricey for the stuff they had
  5. I was there 2 weeks ago and while the shoe selection was terrific, the prices weren't that great (esp. considering the 30-40% off sale the boutiques and Saks just had). The handbag selection was so-so. That said, I've gotten amazing deals there before. Make sure you go early in the morning (when it opens) to find those hidden bargains, as it is one of the most popular stores there. If you can make it there on a Tuesday, even better, for new shipments. As has been said before, it is hit or miss.

    Woodbury will probably have some great deals going for July 4th, so it may be worth going then if you are staying in the area for the holiday.
  6. Last time i went, they had the mono horsebit (large) with the orange trim. It was maybe 700. I would have gotten it if it weren't so huge.
    Yeah...the gucci store is definitely a hit or miss. Maybe you should call ahead of time to see if the selection is worth the drive unless you live close.
  7. oooohh it had the horsebit..!! FOR ONLY 700!! ahhh..too bad i dont live in the east coast!!