Has anyone gone to the Catherine Malandrino sample sale yet?

  1. Trying to decide if its worth going at lunch :smile:

  2. I was there yesterday, and it may be worth a trip. They have everything well organized by clothing type (dresses, tops, pants, outerwear, shorts, knits, etc.) and then by size within each category.

    The small sizes (P, S, 0, 2) in dresses, tops and knits were already very depleted by the time I left last night. The fitting area was also a complete zoo, and many people were leaving items hanging in there (making it difficult to determine whether an item was gone in your size). Perhaps they are a bit more organized by today.

    I saw a lot of navy, black and white, but not the more colorful items CM put out this spring/summer.

    Some of the prices were:

    Camis - 109
    Blouses/Tops - 149
    Shorts - 99
    Dresses - 249
    Trenches/Outerwear - 349

    .. but I don't remember the price of skirts (very cute with embroidered hems) or pants (mostly skinny and plenty of stock).

  3. Thanks for the report. darn. I was supposed to go last night but I got waylaid by kooba. I really wanted a yellow dress I saw in the window of the soho store. I guess I'll check it out after work today.
  4. That yellow dress is stunning! I wish the sample sale had more of the colored dresses.
  5. Thanks so much for the info! I thought it started this morning...what a bummer.

    ps. Do you think they'll drop the prices?
  6. Was there a line to get in?
  7. I thought it started this morning too ...
    I'm going after work today.
    I want dresses!:yes:
  8. By the way, I saw a lot of stuff on sale at the CM boutique in East Hampton last weekend. I wonder if the same goes for SoHo?

  9. I got there after 6 yesterday and there was no line to get in, but there were quite a few people in there.

    Keep in mind that you can only try on 9 items at once, so hold tight to those rare items you find, especially in the fitting room.

    Last year, a friend found the last of a dress in her size, tried it on, then tried on something else. In the few seconds she stepped away from her zone to look in the mirror, someone had snagged the dress she loved. She saw them dashing out of the fitting area with it, but couldn't do anything because she was in the midst of changing her clothes.
  10. Thank you Stinam. I'll go after work.
  11. are you serious?!?! ya know, its girls like that that just ruin it for me. i thought a girl was going to knock my teeth out at the DVF sample sale for a dress i had. turns out it was really ugly on so i gave it to her and told her i had too many things i wanted to buy. i hope she bought it :smile: