Tech Has anyone gone from BlackBerry to iPhone or vice versa?

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  1. Has anyone gone from a BlackBerry to the iPhone or vice versa? What have your experiences been like?

    I've been a BB user for a few years now. I have the Bold (9000) and love it but it's been having some problems that are driving me insane in the membrane and I'm thinking of buying a new phone. I'm debating whether to get an iPhone. I love Blackberry but there aren't really any new models out right now that interest me and I really like the web browser on the iPhone. I could get the BB 9700 but I kind of feel like I'd just be buying the same phone again (I know it's a different model but it's pretty similar to my current BB... this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, though, since I do like Blackberry).

    What have your experiences been like? :smile:
  2. Thank you for the links! They were very helpful :smile:
  3. I had a BB curve then switched to iphone. Couldn't get used to the touch screen, so I exchanged my iphone back to a BB Bold 9700. Then.........realized I made a mistake, I missed the iphone and just yesturday went back and exchanged the BB back for the iphone. LOL Nutz!!! I'm so happy with the iphone comparision to the BB. I guess 3 times a charm :smile:
  4. OMG, I did the EXACT same thing! Third time was the charm for me too, because I can't imagine NOT having my iPhone now!! It's true :love:
  5. i had an iphone and had a very hard time with it. then it got stolen and i got the BB bold and am very happy with it! i definitely won't go back to the iphone- i found it hard to get to applications in it (everything was buried several clicks beneath the home screen), i couldn't type on the touch screen at all, and it got terrible reception.
  6. i have a blackberry and it is a very successful phone didnt use iphone so don't know much about it.
  7. i went from a blackberry bold 9000 to an iphone, and within 2 days of having the iphone i wanted my blackberry back. but i kept it another 3 weeks just to see if i could get used to it. at that point i was ready to throw the thing. i got the new blackberry bold 9700. its nice having a blackberry back. i do miss the iphone for its internet and apps. but i am so much happier with my blackberry.
  8. I had a BB Curve. IF iPhone was available on Verizon (and it might be this summer according to rumor), then I might have gotten it. I am not jumping ship to ATT to get it though. I did go to an Android-based phone (all touchscreen) and I love it.
  9. I had an iphone since they came out, and upgraded whenever they came out with a new one

    over thanksgiving, i switched to a bb 9700 (new bold) and it was the best decision ever!

    as you know, bb's have so many shortcuts. the iphone can't have these bc it doesn't have real buttons like the bb. also, multitasking on the iphone is impossible. switching between apps is a pain.

    if you REALLY want a good internet experience and fun apps, go with the iphone. but I don't think I could switch back to an iphone after having a bb, it is just way speedier to navigate

    i would upgrade to the 9700 though. the only thing the 9000 has going for it against the 9700 is its larger size, but i really like the smaller size (and you can use cases to make it seem bigger). on crackberry most people agree that the 9700 is the best blackberry ever
  10. I had the Blackberry Pearl a few years ago and then switched to an iPhone.

    I was planning on getting the Curve, but then DH wanted the iPhone and it looked so I got one too.

    I didn't like it at all for about 3 months. I couldn't get used to the touch aspect of it, and I really missed my little roller-ball.

    But now I love my iPhone! I love the app store, the browser, and everything else about it! I don't think I would go back to a BB, mainly because of the app store and the apps.

  11. I've had a bbcurve since September '08, and I really loved it at first and now it is driving me crazy- the trackball sticks a lot, and is pretty gross/dirty looking. My sister has a bb bold, and she complains about her trackball a lot, but still seems to like her phone. I am switching to the iphone next week! I am very excited, but nervous, too. I am sure I'll like it- I love my ipod touch, I am just worried about att, since I've heard not so great things about their service.
  12. I had a blackberry for about a week and hated it. I then got an iphone and I LOVE it.
  13. follow up: I just got an iphone last night, I gave up my bb. I love it already!
  14. How are you finding the keyboard? Do you email/text a lot? Glad you are enjoying your new phone!