Has anyone from U.S. purchased from LVR?

  1. Can anyone from the U.S. let me know of your experience purchasing Chloe bags from LVR?

    I'm considering getting my edith from them (it's cheaper than purchasing in the states, no?) I'm interested in knowing what condition the bags arrive in, how long shipping takes, and how much duties cost. Any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks so much!! :flowers:
  2. I bought a jeans moyen paddie last winter from LVR & had an absolutely smooth sale, fast delivery & Gorgeous bag. I have read of others who have had problems mostly I think with exchanges or returns on bags they didn't like. You won't get the customs fees back if you return to Europe from LVR or net-a porter. LVR doesn't include the customs in their price so you will get a call or email from the customs office that you fill out & fax back to them with a credit card to charge the fee to, which are about 10%. I did save a few hundred $$ and received the bag in a couple of days. I'd buy from them again... especially a Chloe or McQueen bag as they are both quite a bit cheaper. With Balenciaga bags you have to pay ahead with a bank transfer... the others are done by credit card.
  3. The price is the same for Edith I believe - lvl is more expensive due to customs and shipping though, no? Maybe this is reversed for you depending on where you live?

    I just posted a link to an Edith for sale on NM site.
  4. ^^thanks for the info girls!
  5. I purchased two Chloe bags from them 2 weeks ago and I am waiting....waiting....waiting..... I did call and spoke to the SA in charge of international shipping. She was very nice, they just did not give me any shipping info. So.. I am just waiting...waiting...waiting.... and trying to be patient:angel:
  6. I purchased my chloe edith from LVR when it was first released. Waiting for the shippment was a killer. However, it was fairly easy to import the bag. I got a call from a fed ex person, they faxed me an import form and I faxed it back and got my bag. When I recieved my bag, I had an invoice from fed ex for the import tax/fees. Overall I saved probably 10% or more.
  7. Yup...they're very efficient. I received my Paddie within a week which is remarkable considering it comes from half way across the globe. =)
  8. Hope you get your bags soon rolexgirl. Which ones did you get?
  9. I got a red and teal silverado. I think I will be only able to keep one and the other will have to depart with :crybaby: ! Considering, I also just bought a chocolate one. That is a lot of silverados!!!! My newfound chloe passion is getting the best of me already!!!:nuts:
  10. Rolexgirl, are your bags on pre-order or do they actually have it in stock? I ordered a couple of Paddies a few weeks back, but the stock is supposed to arrive only in Sept, so I am not bothered by the wait.
  11. YEAH!!!!! I received both bags on Saturday. They sent them via parcel force, so it took 2 and a half weeks- actually very quick. I just don't have any patience:angel: Especially, when it comes to handbags!!!!!
  12. Congrats rolexgirl!