Has anyone from the Philippines bought from HgBags?

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  1. Hello! Has anyone from the Philippines bought a Bbag from Erica?
    How was the shipping, taxes and customs duties? Did you have any problems? Did you receive your bag in good condition?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. haven't purchased from erica yet but my other bbags were purchased from the US and sent to johnny air cargo in nyc. they handle shiping to manila :biggrin:
  3. yes, purchased several from Erica...
    I had them sent to relatives either in California or NY.

    I onced shipped a Fendi to Manila - I'll never do it again.
    Customs just charge too much.
  4. gablala, how did erica send it over here? what courier?
  5. Hi Foxymom. So it was johnny air cargo that sent your bags to manila? Did it get here in good condition? How much was the shipping and did you have to pay any taxes and custom duties? Thanks so much!
  6. hi shilohnouvel!

    i just bought a bag from erica and had it shipped via johnnyaircargo :smile: im expecting my shipment to arrive today. Shipping depends on weight but on the average jac charges $8/lb, min of 2lbs. My bbags cost at least $28 to ship here and takes max of 8 days. JAC handles customs clearing, so far no duties for me. i hope i will be lucky again this time :smile: will let you know.
  7. Thanks foxymom! Can't wait for your update! :smile: Hopefully, everything will work out for you so I can finally take advantage of Erica's prices :smile:
  8. hi! i got my bags already! i looove jac :smile:)
  9. Oohh.. bags with an "s"... LOL!

    I hope you don't mind, but can I ask how much you spent for the shipping and taxes, if any? And how long did it take from the time you placed your order to the time it arrived?

    Thanks much again!
  10. Hi foxymom. Any updates on the custom duties and taxes? Were you charged this time? Am thinking of ordering from Erica as well...
  11. Hello everyone! Im also from the philippines and ive been wanting to purchase a bag from erica cause the price is far too low compared here in B Manila. Im also worried about the shipping cost,customs etc.

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    we are all actually worried.. I heard lots of horror stories even if something is below USD 50 shipped to manila(plus shipping fee) these corrupt people will charge half or more than that of the total amount. it's hard to trust them. They will come up with computations you won't even understand how in the heck happened.. oh well..

    but since foxymom has bought something from HGbags and got customs clearing,i guess, these happened to unlucky people who purchased from overseas...
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    ShilohNouvel, try PM'ing Mischka, she's in Manila and have bought from E before.
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  15. Hi currently ordered from erica, and we sent it through USPS, just want to ask has anyone tried using USPS and got their package here in the philippines? My bag left dec 14 thats my last thing i know coz thats what all the tracking says.. Im just worried about the customs here , thanks in advance , any experience or advise will be very much appreciated