Has anyone found this britt mediam hobo,leather in white ON SALE anywhere?

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  1. i wonder if anyone know where to find this bag on sale and could be bought online.I've never found this bag on sale,i'm desperate and this is my first time in this blog.Please forgive me if i post this message in the wrong forum:p

    Oh this bag is called 'Britt Medium Tote' all in leather,Neiman Marcus price is us$1150.I wish anyone can help me find better deal.Thanks so much!!
  2. Hmm.. I thought this just came out. Maybe it will be on sale in June?
  3. I've checked the price in my country,thailand and hong kong.The price is around us$ 1450 (after 30% discount) It's way beyond my reach...

    I've found one in black in www.eurobellascollection.com but i'm not sure if this website is reliable...

    Thanks for reply:yes:
  4. Gucci in Millenia Mall, Orlando, FL did have this bag at a great price--that was a couple of weeks ago, but it may be worth a call. Think it was around $700.
  5. I was at the Gucci outlet at Woodbury commons last Saturday, and I was looking at that bag in brown for $659.