Has anyone found great bags at your local discount outlet?

  1. :yahoo: I'm so stoked here friends---as I've found so many adorable and might I say really good leather bags, at my local T.J. Maxx and Marshalls stores. For instance, at TJ Maxx, just this past week, I've bought 2 awesome Dooney& Bourke leather bags for way less, (past season items) and in the past I've bought a few "Lancel" bags too, (last years models) for half the price of what they sell for in Paris, and 2 Lamarthe little leather shoulder pouches, (red and brown) for half off as well. I'm completely thrilled. I frequent this store maybe once per week, as it's a great store for buying my husband's and kids clothes, and some of my clothes and stuff as well.

    Just this past week, I bought 2 gorgeous Dooney&Bourke purses for half off the retail price. (Called customer service--they confirmed yes, these bags were twice what I paid--but last Spring). Well, I don't mind.

    Wondering, have you all found some good bargains at your local stores such as this? Tell us about them! I'd love to know, for one.

  2. wowww.... great bargain!
    congrats on your new bags :P
  3. What luck you have!
  4. Our Marshalls has D&B, Coach, Michael Koors & others on occaision. It is really hit-or-miss though.
  5. Welcome!
    It's always great to find a bargain!

    Just wanted to make a quick comment, based on a lot of your other posts, tPF is ADAMANTLY against fake/counterfeit handbags.
    You've expressed how proud you are of your knock-offs and I thought it might be worth letting you know that this website is completely ANTI-fakes/counterfeits/knock-offs.
  6. i see d&b and michael kors.. i don't buy them but they seem to be a good buy for others..
  7. OK. thx for your opinion. Might I say though, Lancel, Lamarthe, and Dooney & Burke etc. are not faux. They're the real thing, only not the $1,000 bag nonetheless. I'm happy as a lark with them!!

  8. You have been talking up your fake Chanels & Fake Hermes in other threads, I am pretty sure that is what Swanky is referring to.
  9. So???? I love em' anyhow. And yes I own about 4 faux LV as well--and they're gorgeous!!!! Why can't a person be a purse nut about any bags, not only the "real" thing which costs an arm and a leg???:nuts:

    Happy Shopping!

    P.S. I only will buy a faux if it's real leather however. BIG difference. There are cheap yccy fakes and then there are nice, wonderful quality fakes too.!!
  10. Where do you think the money you pay for your fakes goes? You may want to research it.
  11. Don't know and don't care.:shrugs: Should I?I do know the last gorgeous faux Chanel bag I bought via the net, was made and shipped directly from China. AAArgh. Is this bad? Why? Do you know the last time I was abroad, they told me that most everything nowadays is made there. :yahoo:Probably too, all the real Chanel, LV and Dior bags too! As well as the clothes. Oh well, I do hate to see that label inside my purses "made in China". EWWWW:graucho:

    Happy Day taco~~
  12. "Don't know and don't care."

    So do you also not care that buying counterfeit products is ILLEGAL ? That you're stealing from the real designers. So, by your logic, if someone steals your identity, it's OK for them to impersonate you !?!?!?
  13. Most fakes are made in sweatshops & a good deal of the proceeds go to illegal activities including funding terrorist activities. Yes, you should care.

    And I am done taking the troll bait.
  14. Hi there! Yep--I do know that making counterfeit products is illegal--that's why there's no phone number, and no address on the website that I purchased it from. But, I admit, I don't care. I do not see any harm in this. Got my gorgeous faux Chanel bag, and I'm happy with it. I'd never say though, "it's real"........or try to pass it off as being real. It's a gorgeous replica.

    To each his own. I appreciate your opinion, hope you can appreciate mine or anyone elses.

    Happy Day~~:smile:
  15. "I appreciate your opinion, hope you can appreciate mine.."

    Sorry, stealing & breaking thelaw isn't an opinion & they're both things I could never respect. There's a difference between buying a bag you think is real & then it turns out to be fake - that happens & it sucks. A lot of us have been ripped off by fakes. But to brag about breaking the law & stealing - that's beyond me.