Has anyone found any good Jewelry buys from eBay stores like this?

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  1. I'm bidding on a few nice items for 99 cents and it they are shipping from America. Has anyone ever ordered jewelry from a eBay store like this? If so what was your experience and are these items good?

  2. I never bought from a place like that on ebay but I did get cheap genuine freshwater pearl earrings from ebay from China years and years ago, back in '08 I'd guess. I've since given them away, they were bigger in diameter than I really like and the luster was poor.

    This bracelet from the seller you're interested in is very cool. The one with colored stones.

  3. I've looked at all the China jewelry on eBay too and i've been cautious. Plus the shipping I would assume takes weeks.

    That bracelet is definitely very unique and worth watching. It's hard finding jewelry like that in stores especially for the price.
  4. As a long time ebay buyer and and occasional seller....make sure you do your homework, ask questions, don't assume anything, and check the seller's feedbacks and return policy very carefully.
  5. I actually purchased a few nice Brooches from the store and they actually were very nice. Fast shipping and easy transactions.

    You can pretty much buy $100's of dollars worth of nice jewelry for the fraction of the cost on eBay stores like this, haha
  6. Buying from ebay in general can be fun and satisfying (when you score a bargain!) but you need to make sure you've done your due diligence! Good luck and gorgeous bracelet.