Has anyone figured out how to be content with their collection

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  1. I'm having such a hard time being content with my collection - has anyone figured out how to just stop and enjoy what you have?

    I can't justify adding new bags to my collection right now, so in order to justify it I have to get rid of some of what I have first. The only thing is, I still love everything in my collection and I'm not ready to let go of anything yet.

    I want to be happy with what I have right now. I have 15 bags that I absolutely adore. None were impulse buys, each one was thought out, sought after and barely used. I guess my buy rate has been about 1 bag per month over the past 14 months (plus tons of accessories). I still have unused bags - it seems insane to add more to a collection that has barely been used. I can't justify it.

    Has anyone managed to just enjoy their collection and not keep buying? How did you do it? I know people have said they need to get off tPF in order to do this, but I like hanging out here, and surely I have more self control than that, right??
  2. Go broke. Worked for me :roflmfao:
  3. No, I have not figured this out, but if you do, please let me know! I think I'm getting close to needing an intervention!!

  4. I stick to a budget, but I know this doesn't work for everyone.

    ETA -- I don't stop buying...I just buy within my budget. I have gone months at a time without a new bag or accessory and can then buy a few at once if I want.
  5. I have slowed the purchases way down this last year.
    Not able to say that I'm done buying bags yet, but I'm getting there.

    A couple of tips that have helped:

    1. Take the bags out of their dustbags and keep them all visible. Seeing the bags all the time reminds us of how many bags we own, but also helps remind us that we already have a similar bag, similar color, etc. when we see another bag we'd like to buy.

    If it's not possible to keep them out all the time, at least take them all out when getting the urge to buy another. Think about how it's going to be used, fit into rotation, etc. Take photos of all the bags, model them, plan what clothes to wear with them...

    2. Take several bags out and keep them ready to switch out daily or at least a couple of times a week. Switching bags often keeps one from getting bored and wanting something new.

    3. Stay away from the Coach outlets and FP store. Only go there if looking for a specific bag. Otherwise one is tempted with great deals too good to pass up, the newest bag, newest color, etc.

    Staying off TPF would help, but also visiting some of the other non-bag forums here helps too. They can be fun, informative, and the talk is about another subject, not always about the newest bags.

    I don't understand the selling to buy thing. It seems it would be an endless cycle, not to mention one would be selling the bags for a lot less money than one paid for them. So not only would one not have that $$$ bag, but one wouldn't have all the money either, far from it usually. Not exactly like returning and getting all our money back.
  6. I am content with Coach for now. I made a list last week of all the bags that I have including color and style and decided after this last PCE that I am going to enjoy what I have for now. I have 18 Coach bags and that is enough for me at this point. The only bag that I see that I would want within the next few months is a Cobalt Sophia. Overall, I think that it is important to take inventory and see what you already have in your collection, and then make a wishlist of what you might want to purchase in the future. I stay away from impulse buying now and stick to buying only what I really want. Crissy, I do not think that you should sell any of the bags that you have if you love them, and use them. :smile:
  7. Staying off the forum definitely helps. I seem to get caught up in more buying when I spend more time here.

    The reveals, as lovely as they are, fan the fire sometimes and make the impulse to buy even stronger.
  8. I have reached content but it took a couple years of constantly wanting something else, buying it, selling off older ones on ebay....etc It just got to be a bit much after awhile.

    I decided not to buy any bags this year. My husband usually buys me a bag or 2 for Christmas so I know I have something to look forward to.

    Having a smaller collection that I rotate and use is working out good. I have 2 zoes, 1 sabrina, a cambridge hobo and lv speedy that have all been carried this year.
  9. This is fantastic advice katierose, I think it should be a sticky!!

    So true about the selling to buy more. You are never ahead of the game financially if you do this. It helps offset the cost of a new bag, but rarely does it cover it.

    I actually have my bags all documented in a spreadsheet and have a rotation scheduled printed out and posted next to my bags. Anal much? :P

    Thankfully I don't have an outlet anywhere near me so it's a major pilgrimage to get to one. I have found that so annoying in the past, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

    As well I just branched out to Michael Kors as well as Coach and that has to be an eye opener. No PCE. very few sales (at the one FP store we have here) and the cost is higher in Canada. So every time I want one of his bags it's $500+ easy. Buying Coach at PCE or on the occasional outlet trip is one thing, but adding $500+ for Kors bags too - that I can't justify.

    It ends now. :nuts: It has to for a while.

  10. Hey Crissy!

    I don't have a lot of Coach and I can't afford too many either. Every Coach purse that I have purchased is 100% thought out and I'm absolutely lovin'. With all the reveals on TPF, of course I wish I could have more but realistically speaking, I know I'm unable to.

    Prior to getting my black Kristin leather tote, I kept wanting more for sure. But for some odd reason, I felt content instantly (no joke) when I saw her in person for the first time after receiving the package. When I opened up the box and saw her, I snipped the tags right off and transferred all my purse content into it and have been using it ever since. It's really LOVE, not just like or lust. I used to think I will continue to love my first Coach i.e. Ali signature hobo but I'm wrong. My black Kristin leather tote is THE Coach purse for me.

    This is probably useless or silly to others but I think when you find that ONE bag that you're totally crazy about and in love with, I mean REALLY, it will be easier to get off the merry-go-round. I think often times we believe that we love the bags we buy or own but in reality, it's actually just like despite our ability to love more than one at a time.

    Perhaps you can quit visiting Coach stores or outlets even if you walk past one. If you feel the Coach itch, satisfy it by buying a little key fob or wristlet, nothing major like a purse. Don't quit coming to Coach subforum BUT minimize the time you spend here because reveals are tempting and not to mention the enablers. With lesser time on TPF, you can use your extra spare time to do other things or start a new hobby etc. Of course you can also document every single Coach purchase you've ever made to see the "total damage" and ask yourself what could you have done with X amount of money besides spending on material things such as Coach purses. When you realize that there are more important things for you to think about or invest in life, you'd be more cautious no matter how rich you are.
  11. Hey there - another fantastic post. Trust me Hunny, I'm not rich!! Doing well, yeah I guess, but certainly not independently wealthy or anything.

    I started documenting my bags and accessories right from the beginning so I know exactly how much I've spent.

    I don't think I have the personality where one bag will blow my mind so much that I'll never want another one. I thought maybe with that last Kors I bought and revealed on here, but if I was already thinking about the next one, clearly not. It's just not my personality - which makes me very thankful I'm not into Chanel or Hermes! :P

  12. I agree...
  13. I'm content by never BEING content :smile: The drama caused by an ever changing collection and getting back in-love with pieces I already own is what I enjoy :smile:
  14. I am. I got tired of buying, returning, exchanging, chasing outlets bags etc. Coach will always come out with new styles but for now I'm content to have just a few bags that I love. Big load off my shoulders, not having to "get" that next bag!:P
  15. I think congratulations are in order. That's where I want to be. :biggrin:

    Although my exchanging/refunding has been minimal - not non-existent but definitely minimal - partially because I was always scared of ticking off the store manager.