Has anyone experienced problems with clogged tear ducts?

  1. I never had this problem until I moved to Key west...I put it down to heavy sea salt dust we experience here. BUT when it happens my god it happens. The pain is unexplainable. I feel it coming on ....my eye starts to water and then develops into throbboing pain...I have pulled out my Zpac to ward off infection and hoping for the best...is anyone else cursed with this pain!????
  2. Boy that sounds painful...never experienced anything like that b4.
  3. I don't have blocked tear ducts, but I have chronically irritated tear ducts. They get red and super dry (not to the extent that you describe) and they itch like mad. I think it is allergy based, but it drives me crazy! I have to be extremely careful using (and choosing) mascara and eye makeup, too.
  4. not me, but one of my twins always had them. I was told to massage the duct w/ a warm damp washcloth as often as possible to help it clear.
  5. So I wake up and the symptons are gone...so weird....I was in pain yesterday and was SURE I would be a mess today!! Thank god for miracles.
  6. It's a tPF miracle. Tell us your problems and by purse-ine intervention (or cans of whoopass), they are solved :nuts: :lol:

    I'm glad you're feeling better, Sunshine!
  7. Glad you are feling better Sunshine! that sounded horrible!
  8. So, same damn problem AGAIN. I have been in bed all day with throbbing pain and Im so worried about the pain that is developing I can not stand it. I can actually feel the liquid trapped under my eye...IM MISERABLE. What really sucks is that I have to travel tomorrow. UGH...just needed to vent...
  9. i don't have this often, more so when allergies are really bad. the drs. told me the same thing that swanky said- and it took care of my ducts.
  10. This is so going to get moved to the Shaman Pouch, but while it gets moved, I will relate my gripping tear duct tale.

    I was mercifully spared the pain you describe, but a few months ago, during a Terrible Cold that got out of hand and slid down into the corrupt and sinister world of sinus infection, my tear ducts became involved somehow, and this resulted in one of the most unpleasant symptoms I have ever experienced.

    Forgive me, but I can only describe it as a Rain of Eye Boogers. I had to take antibiotics and stay away from the computer. They would not even let me watch TV. I could only lie still, listen to the TV, and try to clean my eyes every few minutes.

    Not an experience I would wish on my worst enemy, and not one I care to repeat.

  11. yep..that's the same advice my doc gave me when i first had a clogged duct. it worked for a bit but it came back and wouldn't clear up. I had to go to the eye doctor's to get it lasered.
  12. Sorry you are experiencing this Sunshine, thankfully I have never had it but my mum did. They cleared out the tear duct in a simple outpatient procedure at hospital, now she might get dry eyes occasionally but gets liquid tears to drop in.
    Hope this will clear soon, nothing worse than anything wrong with your eyes, I remember having an allergy to glitter in eye shadow years ago I was so incredibly miserable. Feel better soon!
  13. Yikes... umm hot compress and... feel better!!!
  14. Okay, a month and a half later, and here I am again. I woke up with "the" pain!!! UGH!!! Why in the hell does this happens the day before I have to travel OR when Im already away!! So I started yet another Z pack, and the pain is tolerable and Im massaging...UGH...I hate that Im cursed with this. I guess I will not be wearing any eye makeup when I travel tomorrow. As long as its not throbbing in pain I dont mind!!! (thank god for sunglasses!) Just sharing once again. Im actually noting here everytime I have pain so when the Dr. asks how often it has happened I have it logged. THIS SUCKS!!!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: