Has Anyone Experienced Peeling On Their Gold/silver Metallics From Luxury Line??

  1. I own a few bags from the Luxury Line and 3 of them are the metallics. 2 Silver and 1 Gold. Well, I discovered the other day that one silver and the gold are peeling. I have now heard that there is a problem with these bags. I never even used my gold one and it has started to peel on the back where the leather is around the chain and also on the shoulder strap. My silver that I used only a few times is also peeling on the corners and on the strap. They are now with Chanel Customer Service for inspection and I am waiting to hear from them. Has anyone seen this on their bags??
  2. I had a gold luxury bowler, and I returned it because the gold metallic was rubbing off after only a few months use.
  3. I've returned my gold bowler as well, because the gold metallic was fading, rubbing off even I did not use it. What a pity!!!
  4. Did they let you return it right away or did they take it in and send it to be inspected? Also, did you get a full refund or a store credit? I ask because I want to go back in the next few days knowing some info about this problem.
  5. I returned my daughter's gold bowler. The gold startied to rubbing off after one use.
  6. Neiman Marcus sent it out to have the repair department inspect it. After about 4 weeks they told me it was being returned to me "repaired", but I told them I wasn't interested and asked for and received a store credit.:yes:
  7. isn't it normal for metallic to rub off of bags though? for some reason, metallic bags are just prone to it from my understanding.

  8. Wonder what happens to repaired bags that customers do not want anymore.. :confused1: I hope they dont go back to the shelves! :push:
  9. The SA at the Chanel Boutique in New York told me that is the bag is sent to repair and they cannot do a repair, the bag is completely destroyed. All unrepairable bags are destroyed.
  10. No, i think it depends on the leather and the color dye. I have 2 metallic bags (bronze cabas and a silver deerskin camera bag) they are not from the luxury lines and they seem fine.