Has anyone every purchased Coach here?

  1. I cam across this website late last night - http://www.cristianvalentino.com/

    They guarantee authenticity and also carry some other designer brands - looks very legit. For Coach they mostly have styles I have seen in the Coach outlet and older or more classic styles. I'm liking the Signature Large Jacquard Market Tote - Black. They also have some Legacy straw totes (in red and white) for only $209.99 and the Legacy straw hobos in medium and small!! Prices are a pretty good for their other things and FREE shipping.

    Can anyone tell me if they have purchased here before?

  2. always verrrrrrrrry leary of these sites. I tend to have a hard and fast rule that I'll only buy coach from macys, coach, coach outlet, Nordstrom rack, etc (major places where I can see and feel the bag before I buy). I would only buy coach online from eBay, Coach.com or macys.com
  3. ^^ Agree
  4. i wouldn't
  5. I agree with being leary, but I beleive this seller is on eBay as well and has been listed as a reputable seller. I know there's a thread about reputable eBay sellers on here - perhaps check that first?
  6. I was going to post I'm pretty sure I've seen that name as an ebay seller... I believe the name is even in the little gallery pic that shows when you are looking through listings... have never bought from them though.
  7. I have that seller in my list on Ebay. They have alot of feedback. Check under that name on Ebay. :biggrin:
  8. the bags look authentic but better to be safe than sorry.. prices are more than the outlet IMHO.
  9. Just from glancing at the first couple of pages, they all look like bags from the outlet that they have marked up, for example a couple of bags that I have gotten for $130 or so at the outlet they are selling in the $200 range, not a bad deal if you don't have an outlet close I guess.
  10. So I did more research and this is legit. Thanks for all of your quick feedback too!!

    Not that cheap but I really want these. Any input on these straw bags is the straw smooth or scratchy (would it snag my clothing) also do you all think the prices are decent? Does anyone own / love either of these. I haven't see any of these two in my outlet?

  11. i wouldn't purchase from them either
  12. Straw bags are smooth to start out with but will eventually fray a bit, gives them part of their charm!
  13. They are authentic. They even have Michael Kors on their site. The purses are the same ones on their Ebay account and they are a Power Seller. If you're already leary about buying on Ebay, then you probably wouldn't want to buy anyways. But this is how people get the good deals we see here on the board. :biggrin:
  14. I would buy from them. As others have said, search ebay for that webname as an eBay ID. They are a recommended legit eBay seller. This is probably just their off-eBay sales website. I've never bought from them, but have scoped out their stuff and only heard positive about them.
  15. cristian valentino is a VERY respectable and reputable ebay seller. anytime items from that id come up in the authentication thread, there is never any doubt of their authenticity.