Has anyone every considered a TPF Get Together?

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  1. I was just reading another thread about Purse Parties, and this just came to mind...
    Has anyone ever thought of having an annual (or semi-annual) get together for all the members of TPF??

    Ebay has their ebay convention once a year, and from what I hear, lots of people attend. Wouldn't it be cool if we find a centrally located spot, rent out a bunch of rooms in a hotel and have a get together - kind of like a Meet-n-Greet for all the members of TPF?

    There could be events - like a swap meet, where everyone can add bags to be swapped for others. There could also be like a small flea market - where you could sent up a table w/bags to sell. Advice tables - maybe an authentication spot. We could even seek out handbag retailers to sponsor the event! Hold drawings for our favorite handbags!

    Everyone could go out for a night - maybe have a nice sit-down dinner.

    I think it would be a lot of fun - putting faces w/all the names!!!

    Just curious whether or not anyone's ever thought of this and/or considered it. How many people would be up for it? Would be willing to travel? Have a hand at making it happen?
  2. What a lovely idea. I'm new to the forum and as far as I am aware they do have TPF meets in various locations/cities. I believe what you are suggesting would be more of a convention - I for one would definately make the effort to try to get there.
  3. :tup: Me too i would love to meet the girls from the PF and i would make a BIG effort to get there.
  4. There have been a few of these (though on a smaller scale than what you're suggesting, I think). I know the Washington DC area folks met (maybe last summer?). I also saw a thread a couple of weeks ago for a series of get-togethers in different parts of the world. You may want to search.

    If you did a convention sort of thing, someone would have to work out some serious logistics!
  5. Of course, it wouldnt be easy - but if there was enough interest, it would be a GREAT idea! Probably have to find out where a majority of members live - east coast, west coast, midwest - and decide where the most practical location would be. Of course, my vote would be for the midwest - not just because I'm from Chicago, but because it's in the middle.

    I think it could be so much fun - and if went over well, it could be something done once a year!!!:tup:

    We could even ban husbands/BFs and make it a ladies' weekend only!!! (or we could drag 'em along, and they could all attend a Men's Only "Support Group" together and grype about their wive's/GF's HB purchases and complain about how they just don't get it!!!!)

    (we could even have a special bag made up just for the event!!! Oooo - how fun would that be?!?!)
  6. Perhaps Megs would do something near her location, Columbus, Ohio?
  7. Maybe post on this topic in General Discussion? I don't know if it's been tried. The forum is about 2 years old.
  8. That's a good idea...but one that takes sponsors! One would think that one of these handbag manufacturers would want to help put something like this on, especially if they made up a special tPF bag!
  9. And I visualize surrounding the meeting room with tables and tables set up with the most beautiful designer bags all at a FABULOUS prices!!! All those we drool over in pics, we could fondle and purchase to our heart's content!! Of course, in addition to the special tPF bag.....