has anyone ever...

  1. has anyone ever done those pop up ads for the free Coach bags with your participation before? Just curious! Thanks!!
  2. blech, no!

    it would be a waste of time.
  3. my cousins wife did one of those for a $500.00 macys card....she says she actually got it.....:shrugs:
  4. ^^^^^our local new station did a report on ads like that a while ago. They actually are legit, but you have to sign up for a ton (8-12) different services and comply with various terms to get the items. Most of the things you have to subscribe to have a fee of some sort.
  5. My friend did one and they sent her a goach bag....LOL. I almost died laughing when it came.:roflmfao:
  6. ^^ LOL! I want to see what a Goach bag looks like.
  7. Just last night our local tv station talked about these offers. They had like 5 of their staff members sit down and try to see how it all worked. They spent over 2 hours looking at offers and other crap and realized that you'd actually have to spend more money on those offers than if you went out and actually bought the item. You get stuck opening credit cards and Blockbuster Total Access accounts or Netflix. All kinds of stuff. There is actually an investigation open in Florida (by the Attorney General, I believe) that is looking into a specific company that runs many of these offers. The news station pretty much said, "Beware"
  8. OMG!:wtf::roflmfao:
  9. ...not to mention you get SO much junk email and even linking on the "unsubscribe" option never really gets your email account as clean as it once was. I once tried just to see what is actually required and I didnt even finish going through the pages and instead just X'ed out of the explorer window and I STILL got subscribed to junk mail sites!! so infuriating. :cursing:
  10. It was a waste of my time.
  11. On a techie website I read of where someone did this same thing to get a Mac Mini. He got a dummy email for this process and I think used his PO Box as his addresss. It took him I think about 3 months of jumping through every hoop. But he was meticulous, kept excellent records and printed out everything he did and all the directions. I think it cost him under $30 (he chose either the free or least expensive options). And eventually he got the Mac Mini. He said doing this kind of thing is not for the faint of heart, that it's a LOT of work, and you have to have records and details of everything. He may have had to open a new credit card too, can't remember.
  12. Yikes! I've never heard of these sites. But it sounds frustrating and a bit scary.
  13. about a year ago I did the yourfreedesignerbag one for a free LV manhattan and it was SUCH a PITA. I ended up getting a check for $1500 6 months after the fact, and it cost me about $150 in offers and I have to pay taxes on the check. for a while I thought I was getting nothing.
  14. The people at the news station said by the following day the e-mail accounts they had used received HUNDREDS of spam e-mails. Even that isn't worth it for me. Not at all.
  15. Well that's cool you got something out of it! I'm not sure I'd go through the hassle to get it, though.