has anyone ever...

  1. Hi Guys

    I am wondering if anyone out there has actually ordered/received a Fendi spy from this jomashop.com. if you did, were you satisfied??? They have the best price by far...even tho the one i am dying for is the honey leather and they don't have that :p
  2. I haven't personally bought from Jomashop, but I have only heard good things about them, plus their prices are VERY good! It's a shame they don't have Honey,:sad: but I know it's available to buy from styledrops.com and other stores, but the prices at Jomashop are much more attractive! Good luck!;)
  3. Tash - are they authentic as they have one on there that I want too but a bit scared in case they are not the real deal as they are much cheaper.
  4. Some of the girls here swear by them and say that their items are authentic. I've read reviews (on epinions.com and a couple other review sites) where people have said that some of their watches have arrived broken or are fake. But, I've never seen anything about their handbags bein' fake.
  5. Sam, there have been a few PF members who have bought authentic Spies from them, it is definitely worth trying them if they are...the prices are so tempting! Not sure how much customs fees would be though on top of the discounted prices, would it be worth it for us in the UK?? Hmmm, will see if I can find out!;)
  6. I too have heard raves about them and the prices are extremely attractive. As much as I love to get one but it's not within my reach right now.

  7. Mm Tash - keep me posted on any findings you come across!
  8. Thanks guys! Yea, it would be much easier for me to just go ahead and do it if they had more pics (and of course, the honey spy). but for the price, i might have to just get one. thanks for the replies...i'm going to keep my fingers crossed!