Has anyone ever..

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  1. Returned something to JAX they bought online? What do I do lol. I have never sent something back i ordered online before from anywhere. TIA
  2. Did Jax include a return label?

    I just looked at a receipt from a Jax purchase, and they have a return form to fill out...

    I would believe that it would work the same as any online purchase. You just fill out the little slip, pack it up, send it off and wait for the refund.
  3. thanks :smile: I ordered some wallets, but now that they are here, I dont like em. They did send a little label I wonder how long i will have to wait for the refund to be processed
  4. Shipping time plus like 7 to 10 business days.

    I just went through with this with Sports Authority. They sent the wrong item, I returned it, and it took a number of days to get credited back.

    Call Jax now and let them know you're returning...they may e-mail you a free return shipping label