Has anyone ever....

  1. PurseMojo, I have seen this bag IRL and while it's big, I think it could be used as a handbag. It was really gorgeous, by the way.... It reminds me of the LV Randonnee..... The only drawback to bags like this, IMO, is that everything falls to the bottom, and you have to put it down to open it and get things out....
  2. so it oculd be easily carried in the sling style....

    and I never thought about the falling to the bottom aspect but I might be willing to live with it given that I find the bag breath taking.

    thanks for you insight....
  3. PurseMojo i adore large bags myself too. if my memory serves me correctly which it hasn't lately, our lovely tpfer uclaboi has this bag. IMO it's a lovely bag but i wouldnt know how to carry it. i agree with mistikat that everything will sink to the bottom too unless you use an organizer like many do with their big bags.
    good luck and share with us if you do end up getting it :tup:
  4. Thanks for the information. I have searched the site for a photo but other than the BV site, I can't find one. And by a purse organizer...is that something specific? I keep my stuff in pouches and cases..is that the same?

    I am just jonsing for this bag...and the color, bronzo, is something I don't think I have seen IRL before.

    And of course I will share...am about to send the line to the DH.
  5. Ack!

    Waiting for the pic to load from the BV website...
  6. Finally!

    Personally, I think the Match bag is a really cute design. The style is sorta old school, but so updated and modern when in Intrecciato.

    I'm used to having to dig through my bags, so having everything at the bottom of the bag won't bother me as much.

    You should def send the link to ya DH. If he likes it as much as my bf does, then hopefully you'll be able to add this gorgeous bag to your collection soon! :yes:
  7. p.s if u are still interested i saw this bag at BV paragon in singapore on sale 2 days ago.. im not sure if it was the exact same size u are looking for though..
  8. ok well.. similar style..
  9. I agree with the old school/classic style of it. And the intrecciato makes it a jaw dropper. The link is on it's way...! thanks
  10. there are different sizes?
  11. PurseMojo, I think by organizers, people meant a pen case, cosmetics bag, etc., so you don't have a lot of little things rattling around in it. I have the LV Randonnee and that's what I try to do with it. I don't wear it anymore but when I did, it was over my shoulder. The advantage to this design is that even though the bag is carried behind you (though you could wear it to the front), because of the way it's cinched at the top, no one can get into it....

    I still think it's a great bag (and I love big bags myself) and the leather colour is fabulous. I believe this one only comes in the one size, but check the measurements of the one online and see if that works for you. If so, specify it and ask if there are any other sizes in this particular colour combo if not...

    Best of luck. If you get it, please post pics - it's a terrific bag!
  12. I can't thank you enough Mistikat......you are getting me so excited! :woohoo:
  13. Forgot to mention I'm 5'2" .... so the size of the bag should work on you, as long as you like 'em large! Good luck with your decision! :tup:
  14. hi pursemojo, i saw this bag in bv hong kong, and it's a great looking sling. should look fine on your height. i'm also a fan of large bags so am used to having to dig deep for my items - although your habit of keeping your stuff in pouches should make things easier for you.

    do post pics (especially action pics), if you do get the bag.