Has anyone ever ....

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  1. left their MC handbags inside hot cars and then it was ruined? I've left mine inside of hot cars a few times and it's still fine, but do you guys think that in the long run it is more susceptible b/c of what I have done? Even though I stopped doing it.
  2. What happens to the bag when it's left in a car? :o
  3. I think you run a risk of the screen printing of the colorful design flaking or smearing.
  4. ^ Ohdear!!!

    I was wondering mmgustilo, how come you are leaving your bags in your car? :O!
  5. I would never leave my handbag in the car if I wasn't in it!!
  6. How about leaving it in the boot? Will it be ruined too? :O
  7. i don't really leave my handbag in my car. But on days when I just bring my wallet MC french in white, I leave it in my glove box. no problems as of yet.
  8. I would never leave it in the car unattended
  9. Leaving white MC in the car when it's hot, humid, or bright can cause the MC pattern to start fading.
  10. I was told it was because of the heat build up in a car that you should never leave it in the car.
  11. I definitely wouldn't leave it in the car - I'd be too worried about theft! I'd even be concerned about the trunk - too much heat can really ruin the beautiful pattern.
  12. I don't have any MC, but I never leave my bags unattended esp in a hot car.
  13. I haven't had that problem but I never leave my bags in the car, that's just asking for them to get stolen IMO.
  14. I have kids and I am constantly in and out of my car. Especially to drop off and pick my youngest from preschool and there is no way I can haul him, his stuff and my purse so I am constantly leaving my bag in the car but I cover it with a towel so no one can see it. I have never had any problems whatsoever.
  15. But if it's in the car how do you hold it and pet it and hug it and nuzzle.....ummm, never mind....