Has Anyone Ever Worn A Fiore Elaina? Heavy or Okay?

  1. I'm considering purchasing a Fiore Elaina - I've heard they're kind of heavy....but I've also heard they're really beautiful and not THAT bad...any thoughts???:idea:
  2. Isabella Firoe's are heavy - probably about 2-3 pounds. But it's easy to carry if you carry it on your shoulder and don't load it up too much.
  3. It's very heavy (to me) and very beautiful. It's a bit of a bulky bag. It's so eye catching but it was a little too busy with the hanging side tassles and a bit too heavy to appreciate.
  4. I have one- the Whipstitch Elaina-and I love it! I don't carry that much in my bags-so i don't think that they are too heavy. :smile: