Has anyone ever wondered......

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  1. If LV has someone searching on the web to see the ideas we come up with and bring them to life?
  2. Interesting. Yes, I have always wondered if they would have some sort of secret shoppers on here. I definitely know that SAs don't seem to care about tPF. But this place is a great place for LV marketing people to obtain some free customer profile studies.
  3. I have that thought a lot. We purchase thousands of dollars worth their merchandise. I would like to think the have an intern scouting the sites for ideas.
  4. I hope so, then I might be able to get them to make Emerald Green vernis!! :P
  5. SA's I have talked to say nothing nice about tPF. Saying its a bunch of paranoid perfectionists whom don't get that just because a bag is expensive doesn't mean that it doesn't wear and tear like everything else. I kid you not I gulped when an SA said that I was like nervous laughing and embarrassed to say that I was on tPF is was so awkward this just happened a couple weeks ago when I mentioned the DE glaze issue I am having and I mentioned I read several post about it on here on tPF. Made me feel sad because I really love it here : (
  6. Wow she should remember its us paranoid perfectionists that help pay her monthly bills! That's crazy. I told SA about tpf Andre she's fully aware. It was actually you guys that helped me get a refund on my Mon mono.
  7. Wow...I can't believe the SA responded that way...of course we all understand that nothing remains in pristine condition forever if it's used regularly over a considerable amount of time! I would have said to the SA that the problem was that some items show significant wear after a ridiculously short amount of time, after all the money that was paid. (One of my bags has suffered from the DE glaze issue, too. It started to happen when the bag was only three months old!) I'm sorry that this person spoke to you that way.

    I've had both good and bad experiences with SA's at LV, and the good ones really did put effort into making me a satisfied customer, which I truly appreciate, but it makes me so mad when the ones with too much attitude think they can push customers around or look down on us. What they really ought to do is to use TPF as a resource to see what their customers really think, and improve products from there. It's valuable feedback, don't you think?
  8. I couldn't care for the sales associates but I certainly hope their marketing team were on here because it'd actually be for their own good.. they'd learn many things like to ditch the cloth tag for starters.
  9. I know. It was really awkward. I love tPF.
  10. I got the impression they think that tPF is somewhere for people to complain and moan about issues with their bags. They were so harsh I was afraid to say that I am always on here and love it here they kind of were talking to each other like the "annoying thing" you hear about at work.
  11. Oh, I get it...they have the wrong impression about us. I'm sure that they do hear about TPF a lot at work. If I were an SA it would make me curious enough to go online and find out what it's about. Then they'd see that we're just bag-enthusiasts.
  12. Interesting thing is, most of US know more about LV than most of THEM!
  13. That's true we do know more about their stuff.