Has anyone ever won....

  1. the lottery.
    I was inspired by the fact that currently in Canada the lottery draw was for 35 million and 2 people won (looked at the web site).

    So my question is have you ever won the lottery and if you did, what would you buy.
  2. Definetly not... I've never been so lucky to win anything.
  3. Me either,
    I've won a couple of bucks on scratch tickets but that's really it.
    I'm hoping I will be able to post that I won 17 million!!!!!!!!

    But I'm not holding my breath.
  4. ^ This thread makes me want to go buy a lotto ticket!! Maybe I will. Easy cash would be G-R-E-A-T!!
  5. I won 1500 picking 5 # in the NY lottery back in 1985 and just won 500 on a scratch off a couple of wks ago
  6. I never won, but a friend of mine won the NY lottery a long time ago. Actually, his mom won. She won 11 million. Needless to say they are doing great!
  7. Nope, I wish! I play one line every week on the english lotto, but no luck so far just a few tenners.
  8. I won $1200 at bingo once, though that's not really a lottery.
  9. I heard that a guy I went to law school with won the lottery a few years after we graduated. And I heard he donated a bunch of it, did some charitable work and then later went back to the practice of law.
  10. The only thing I have ever won, is a Russian doll in a raffle, when I was 10! :sad:
  11. My mom has won $2500 several times over the years with the NY Lottery. Whenever she wins, she uses a few hundred to buy me a new bag:smile:.
  12. I wish! I have never won anything :sad:
  13. I wish......... but unfortunately, i haven't yet...
  14. NOT YET! =P The most I ever won was $5 on lotto.
  15. I don't play so I guess I can't win! I bought a lottery ticket just for kicks once and I don't think I got a single number right...