Has anyone ever washed or drycleaned a bandeau?

  1. My LVOE bandeau is full of bronzer and make up. lol . It looks brown eww. and it is wrinkled, I am scared to dry clean it or wash it, anyone have any luck with either. I was gonna buy a new one but that is insane right?
  2. No, don't buy a new one. Don't have it dry cleaned cause they are harsh sometimes.

    Get some Woolite and fill the sink with cold water and let it soak in there for like 15 min. Then gently rub the areas that are dirty. Rinse it really well and put it down on a towel to dry. When it's dry if you have a little steamer then you can steam the wrinkles out. If you don't then you can try putting it between a towel to iron the wrinkles out but don't put the iron on the bandeau! Good luck!
  3. thanks!!! I am going to try that tonight. I need to buy a steamer too.
  4. That tip helps me as well. Thanks, Traci!
  5. Thanks for asking the question, and for the tips. :flowers:
  6. Do you wear it as a headband? is that how it gor dirty? I thought of wearing mine but was afraid it would get dirty. I hate light things!

    I will remember that tip!
  7. Your welcome ladies!! I hope it helps!
  8. I'm gonna move this to Reference now because I think it's good info for other people looking for this too!
  9. Ooh thanks for the Info Traci!
  10. if you wash it you will need to be very careful with the handrolled edges. DO NOT iron the edges, while the scarf is damp role the hemed edges between your thumb and finger to plump them up and then let the scarf dry between 2 towels. steam it to get any creases out.
  11. This info is great. I have a couple of scarves that I have worn as a headband. I was just getting ready to take them to the dry cleaners. I think I'll try this first.
  12. what about the groom bandeau? it made of all cotton, is tehre a specific way to wash it? i use it to tie my petite noe so its pretty wrinkly ><
  13. yeah i have the groom bandeau too. The wrinkly effect annoys me slightly. I use mine for a belt tho.
  14. Thanks for the great tips.
  15. My SA has given me some tips yday when i bought my first bandeau... He advised not to sent it for dry clean as much as possible. Instead go for a hot bath and let the steam from the bath 'clean' it. Not sure if this works for those stubborn stains though.