Has anyone ever used ****** to purchase from elux?

  1. Just curious, but has anyone ever used ****** to get that 3% back from elux? I went to the website and got a little confused. Do you just click on the elux site after you register and you automatically get the 3% when you buy? It automatically sends you to the elux website so I wasn't sure exactly what to do.
  2. The 3% is credited to your ****** account and then you get it in the form of a check (or paypal) at the end of the period. You don't get it automatically.

    Make sure you go to eluxury through ****** or else ****** won't give you the 3%
  3. We use fatwallet and it works the same way...
  4. Great, thanks!
  5. between the 8.25% NYC tax and the 3% I save from ****** on elux.....It's hard to believe why I still buy from the boutiqe sometimes...
  6. I use ****** for most all my purchases online - including eLuxury. There are only a handful of stores that are not represented on the site.
  7. I use it. I got a check and deposited it.
  8. I use fatwallet as well, and like it!