Has anyone ever used this "conditioner" on their leather bags?

  1. I bought this leather conditioner at Nordstroms and want to make sure somebody else has used it and what you thought of it? I don't want to go and put it on my Chloe Edith bowler until I hear something. ;)


    It's the top cleaner on that page. Thanks.
  2. Personally, I prefer the "Loving My Bags" line of conditioners and leather cleaners. They're the bomb!!!
  3. I use it. I actually used to buy it at Walgreens years ago, but then they stopped carrying it. I was so excited when I found it at Nordstroms last time I was there. I use it on all my bags - little to no color lift, and it leaves the bags nice & clean, and soft.
  4. great, so glad to hear!!