Has anyone ever used the "tan towel"?

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  1. Just curious,
    Im trying so hard to do the right thing and protect my skin. But I really need a tan. I am a blonde with fair skin, and I tan easily, but I dont do orange streaks:sick: .I have tried Neurtogena tanning cream but was wondering if the tan towel is better. If anyone has info on the BEST self tanner please let me know. Much Thanks!
  2. I haven't tried the tanning towel but Jergens Natural Glow is the best I've tried. It's available at Target, Walmart, etc. I've tried more expensive brands & this is the only one that doesn't turn orange or leave streaks. It doesn't get as dark as the others but it gives you a bit of color. I highly recommend it & I read somewhere that lots of celebrities also use it...
  3. just don't try that aibrush self-tan stuff. i came out stripey.

    very stripey.

    my mother laughed at me.
  4. Oh my gosh!
    I was going to try that. Whew!! Thanks!
  5. I have come to accept my paleness and inability to tan, so I haven't tried any self-tanners. But I always hear great things about Jergen's Natural Glow, and how it looks natural. I kinda want to try it myself, before swimsuit season to test it out.
  6. I have used "tan towels' They work marvelously well with NO streaking - the only down side is that they DRY your skin - I only used them on my arms and legs (not face) and I found the skin on my legs especially getting dry looking - otherwise they are amazingly easy to use - just open one after you shower. It all depends on your particular skin.

  7. they have a brand new darker shade i just got last night... i agree it is great and this new darker shade i think is perfect
  8. lele,
    what color is your skin tone? Do you think the darker tone would be to dark considering Im pretty fair?
  9. The tan towel does work, but very little! its the tiniest difference!

    I found st.tropez mousse, fakebake and lancome flash bronzer mousse works great, with no streaks.
    st.tproz goes green/gray when u apply it, but put it on before you sleep. in the orning shower it off and hey presto! Bronze!

    (oh, and definatly exfoliate well and moisturise BEFORE you apply any fake tan...thats the trick to no streaks!)
  10. i think i am pretty fair but i do tan easily in the summer (so i am not super super fair)...why not try the lighter shade first - it is so inexpensive!? :smile:
  11. I don't know about where you are but they do it here in Oklahoma so they probably do it everywhere. You can go to a spa/salon and have a proessinal effolicate your skin and put on self tanner to get a nice all over even tan. Here it costs about $60. After I had that done I bought a bottle of the tanner that she used and used it on my legs and arms and didn't have any problems. It was Gunniot and it didn't have that horrible stink that most self tanners have. Also Fake Bake is great it is dark colored going on so you can tell exactly where you have it you put it on about 15 min before you go to bed then just shower as normal in the morning. It does have that tanner odor though.
  12. I really like the Jergens Natural Glow too... I've tried a few other self tanners and I find that this is the easiest and most natural looking.
  13. As a (hopefully) future dermatologist, I commend all of you for using self-tanners. I've removed a few skin cancers from teenagers already, and that's not even the beginning. It's usually the richest, tannest women who have the most skin cancer and wrinkles. It may not be chic to use self-tanners, but it's a lot less chic to be a leatherface at age 35.

    Well, I shouldn't complain as long as they keep me in business. :smile: It's not my fault that they don't listen to my preventive care advice.

    pale and proud
  14. Clarins self-tanning milk is AMAZING, and should be nice on you, since you have fair skin. The color is fairly light ( but noticable) and there isn't a super strong bad smell. It doesn't have an instant bronzer, so you have to be careful with the application. It's around $30 for 4.4 oz.

    St. Tropez offers a deeper more bronze ( as opposed to the golden Clarins) tan. It has an instant bronzer, and the smell is a little stronger. It's around $24 for...haha, I'm not sure how many oz because I don't have a bottle right now!

    If you're considering self tanner just remember...... don't be scared! it's not as bad as you think. Wear gloves while applying the tanner. Make sure to cover all areas of your skin that will be visible ( but don't over rub.) ( don't forget the tops of your feet, I did that once and looked SO bad.) When you're done, take off the gloves, put a dot on the top of your hand, and rub the backs of your hands together. Let the tanner dry ( you'll have to hang out for about 10 min) and then go to bed ( wearing OLD pj's). Don't let water splash you.


    apply the tanner right after a shower where you exfoliated any area you'll be applying the tanner. :smile:

    Self tanners are an awesome alternative to regular tanning, and the self tanners out there these days are so good most people can't even tell when you use them. :smile: good luck!

    PPS. the St. Tropez goes on a deep muddish brown, and will dry streaky, but don't get scared- that's the just the insant bronzer, which is just there to show you where you've applied the actual ST. :smile: Get the lotion, not the foam.
  15. Thanks everyone so much for all of your help. I will try your expert advice tomorrow!