Has anyone ever used Smart Label to return a online purchase?

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  1. I mailed my Juicy Couture return using the smart label they provided more than two weeks ago. However, it still hasn't arrived their wearhouse yet. The postal tracking system just said they received the package but no further information.

    Does anyone here have some information/experiences using the Smart Label to return stuff? How long does it usually take to deliver? What if my package is lost?:confused1:

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Are you talking about NM or BG? Because if you are, then they take forever to process returns. Delivery probably takes up to a week, and then it takes up to 3 weeks after that for you to get your money back. I would call the company (UPS, I think?) and ask about the package.
  3. I've used a smart label to return things to Urban Outfitters-i didn't really track it at all, but I think it took about a month for me to get my refund (they said it can take up to 2 billing cycles even!).
  4. I was going to use Smart Label to return a online purchase however I don't trust USPS at all because they have lost a couple packages of mine, and I didn't receive them for weeks later... if I have a online return to mail back I always use UPS because all my packages are guaranteed to arrive, plus I add insurance and get a tracking #, that way it covers my package in case it gets lost!
  5. I never knew that....I live in Canada so I get things shipped to my US mailbox and return things from the US-it's a hassle driving back to return something but the return shipping is WAY cheaper from the US!
  6. I used a smart label to mail stuff back to Lucky a month ago. I emailed them last week, and they said they didn't have it yet. I replied that I used their label and asked it they had any way to track it. Hmmm..oddly enough, they said they had my package right after that. I got my refund a few days later.

    I think everyone is still behind on processing returns b/c of the holidays.
  7. I used one to return a bag to Bloomingdales 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything yet. I returned 2 other things the same day and have gotten the refunds already. I'm getting a little nervous :s
  8. Made a Nordstrom online purchase. It was a designer bag. Used the smart return label to return it! Received an email from Nordstrom that the package was EMPTY. Their record indicates that the package had been empty at the time that it was scanned!!!!

    The dilemma: My husband dropped off the package at our local UPS store while he should have dropped it off at USPS!:sad:(. However, the UPS has dropped it off at USPS but they claim that they have no record of the package ( manager said, they do not scan but they'd simply drop it off at USPS). USPS said , the shipment of Nordstrom packages get handled by a third party.

    Nordstrom has not yet gotten back to me so I dont know yet which carrier documented the weight. I also filed a police report right away but has not yet been contacted by the detective! Don't know what to do or how to prove that they merchandise HAS been stolen somewhere between UPS and most likely USPS. No way to prove that I included the bag in the box!!!!

    Spent more than 2k, no bag, no proof, screwed up and devastated! How would i ever be able to trust returning and item by shipping!!!!!

    What possibly k could do to get this big mess fixed :sad:(((
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    I agree with Jesssh, who responded to your post here: Do You Prefer Shopping Online?

    Personally, I wouldn't draw any conclusions as to blaming a carrier for theft, yet. Hopefully an investigation will clear up what happened. It could be as simple as an error on Nordstrom's part. Nevertheless, if theft is to blame, then the thief is to blame.

    In any case... I try to make returns in person, if at all possible. Or, I drop off return packages myself, with a trusted package and supply store, where I can purchase additional insurance if necessary.

    Perhaps you could ask the person investigating to give you advice regarding how to pursue this. Since your bag hadn't yet been returned, you could also check with your homeowner's, to see if they accept claims like this. You could also check with USPS. Although, there may be nothing that they can do, since there's no way to prove whether or not a theft (if this is, in fact, a theft) occurred, prior to the package being received by USPS. Lastly, I'd check with Nordstrom again, to see if there's any possibility that there was a mix up on their end. GL.

  10. I use the Yoox return labels a lot (they're UPS, not sure if they're "Smart Labels" per se) and the delivery is really, really quick. I usually get my refund in about a week.

    NM, on the other hand, takes forever. Although, now that they use ShopRunner (which I'm a member of) the delivery/returns have been much faster.
  11. I know this is an old thread but I recently encountered the same tracking issue with a "smart label" provided for a Lord and Taylor item. I finally found the answer.... You can track the number on the Newgistics.com site. Their tracking system works for these type of labels where USP. Service was clueless. Hope this helps someone ne!

  12. Good info! Thanks!
  13. I recently did a return to Foot Locker using the Smart Label. Just received the exchange item I asked for. The whole process took about 2 1/2 weeks.
  14. I used it for Shopbop and it took a little over a week from California to Wisconsin. The tracking takes about 3-4 days to update. The good thing about this label is that the retailer can easily track it on their computer. If the item is cheap and I don't need the money right away I'll use Smartlabel. But for expensive purchases, it's UPS for me.

    Smartlabel does NOT use any kind of commercial shipping service (UPS, FedEx, USPS). You can drop off the package at the UPS and USPS stores/offices, but they won't actually ship it. Instead, an "agent" will come over and pick up the package and take it to the nearest Newgistics location for shipping. You can "track" it on either UPS or USPS websites, but when the agent "picks" up the package, the tracking on UPS/USPS will automatically update to "delivered."

    That does not mean it's been delivered to the seller's location. It just means the agent picked it up. You will have to wait an additional 3-4 days for the tracking on Newgistics.com to update. From there, you will notice the package is still making its way back to the retailer.

    Lastly, USPS and UPS will not give you a receipt for the package (instead they will encourage you to take a picture of the label on your phone). So make sure you record the tracking number before dropping it off.