Has anyone ever used Shoprapunzels.com?

  1. Has anyone ever used Shoprapunzels.com? I am about to order a bag from there, but I really want to make sure it's a reliable shopping site. If someone could let me know, ASAP, I'd appreciate it! Thanks, girls!
  2. Yes, I've bought sandals there many times. Love their mystique selection. Very good place!!
  3. Thank you SO much!!!
  4. I've never bought from there, but I know it is a "legit" online boutique.

    And you're not going to tell us which bag you ordered? lol
  5. I've bought bags from Rapunzels; great service and fast shipping.
  6. I've bought jeans from them and the jeans are authentic :yes:
  7. yup, i have bought many times from there and it's all authentic. great customer service too.
  8. I got a great deal on a Juicy princess bag in black...I'm super excited! I'll post more about the sale in Deals and Steals because I don't want to get yelled at! Haha. Thanks again, ladies!
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  10. I've purchased a few RM bags from them. They have fast shipping and pack well.