Has anyone ever used lovinmebags?

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  1. Just wondered if anyone here has used their services, if its as good as their website says and how long it took.

    I especially interested in finding out if they cleaned your lambskin bags as I heard when Chanel does it, it comes back alot harder.

  2. I haven't used them, but I know that quite a few girls on the Balenciaga forum use them.
  3. is this a bag cleaning service?
  4. Yes it is, apparently its very good too.
  5. There is also a NY leather refurbishing place that was recommended called Art Bags. Someone dropped the name when I acquired a vintage Pucci a few years ago. I just recently read that an approximate cost will run about $300 (for a leather refurbishing). I don't know if that means just redying the bag or whether it includes fixing or replacing, recoating tarnished hardware. That's just a ball park figure and I'm sure it depends on just how badly beat up the bag.