Has anyone ever used I Sold It or any other...

  1. service that posts your items and manages them on e-bay? I would love to sell some stuff, but I hate having to deal with all the shipping, etc. I was thinking of utilizing one of these places to do some of that for me. Just curious if anyone has had any bad/good experiences with these types of businesses.

  2. they charge a really big commission, like 35%. Its not hard to sell stuff on eBay, and I'd rather keep that 35%
  3. I would do it yourself too.... Shipping shouldn't be so hard... UPS and USPS come to your door to pick the packages up...
  4. wow... 35%??? I was seriously thinking of taking this route so I wouldn't have to learn all the ins/outs of becoming an eBay seller! But I guess I must bite the bullet.

  5. Yeah, that commission would make me learn fast how to sell myself. It actually seems quite straightforward to start selling. Take a look.
  6. I have purchased from them but never sold items thru them.
  7. They are THE worst! I went to them to list an Invicta watch I had. The face was loaded with diamonds and I couldnt get good pix, so I went to them. I told them I HAD to have a reserve on the auction, they said no problem. They listed it without the reserve! I was livid and they refused to change it! The auction ended at $117!! for a watch that was limited edition of 1000 and had 1.5 cts of diamonds on it!

    I went immediately to pick it up and luckily the owners son was there, and he didnt have a brain cell in his head. He just handed me the watch box back when I asked for it! He didnt even ask for ID! I bet they are still wondering what happened to the watch. They suck.
  8. I have used them once in the past when I thought that it would be to hard to list things myself on Ebay. I had a friend of mine help me with my first listing and it was pretty easy. I have since sold two things myself and I would not even consider paying someone else 35% anymore.
  9. I used them once and had a very good experience with them. The only thing I don't like is their commission is pretty high. I have since started selling myself.
  10. I have tried to buy from a few of the I Sold Its but never ended up bidding on their auctions.

    I never bid on the item because they tend to leave something I find important out of the listing and then never answered my e-mails for basics on the item (like the strap drop length on a handbag). If there is no communication before the sale, I would hate to see what they did if there was an issue with the transaction.

    IMO I wouldn't use them for listings. The first listing takes a while on Ebay but after you have everything set up all you need to do is change the photos and the item description and price. It takes me just a few minutes to put us a listing now. I don't think it's any harder than using this forum. Just study up on Ebay rules and read some of the posts in the Ebay forum to learn how to protect yourself from scams.
  11. Yes, and it was a ripoff for me.

    High commission, refuse to set reserves pretty much (and charge really steep fees for it).