Has anyone ever used Auctiva.com for their ebay listings?

  1. Seems like a great way to protect pictures without having to watermark. If you right click on the photo it says "protected by auctiva". So you can't copy.

    Reading through the website looks like its cheaper to list lots of photos too.
  2. To list pictures for FREE (LIKE ABSOLUTELY FREE LARGE FABULOUS PIX) use photobucket.com to upload pictures, then click on the "HTML" box for the link you post in the HTML version of the description box. Don't know if most or any of you know already, but i havent paid a cent for posting up pix for my auctions =)
  3. I currently use Auctiva and it does seem to save a few dollars but I'm heading over to photobucket to save even more! Thanks for the heads up! :p
  4. I really like auctiva, I didn't know about not being able to copy the picture- so that's a good thing. Auctiva also let's you watermark your pictures for free- which is great!
  5. 2 questions-

    Is auctiva free? And, how do you watermark your pictures with auctiva? Thank you!
  6. Awesome- I figured out the watermarking thing- nevermind- but isn't it free?
  7. i like their service but I hate how it says auctiva all over it, so i learned the html codes and do it for free and myself. send me pm if you are interested in seeing, because I don't want to show my auction here and have it mistakenly interpreted that i'm trying to advertise..

  8. there are other ways to copy the image by right clicking and copy, simply by highlighting with your mouse, going to edit, and then clicking copy, or highlighting and then pressing ctrl+c will work just as well as rightclick - > copy
  9. I love Auctiva and use it for all my listings.
  10. I just started using Auctiva a few months ago and I love the templates they have..they're so much cuter than the ones eBay has available.
  11. I've been using it for awhile now and I love it!
  12. yup, i use auctiva for all my listings. and ITA with rebecca, cuter templates and a HUGE selection of them.
  13. As a buyer I hate Auctiva. Many, many times the pics do not load in the auctions. The gallery is there, and the ads that run across the bottom of the auction will be there, but the actual pic of the item being sold is NOT there.
  14. I wouldn't go through the hassle. Most scammers take screenshots of the page instead of saving them onto the computer anyway (print screen and then cropping the picture in photoshop).
  15. ^wow, there are all kinds of ways to scam.

    I like how I can save $$ on the # of photos. eBay fees are killer so anyway to save is good for me.