Has anyone ever use the refused package system?

  1. so, i understand that you can refuse an unopened package and have USPS return the package to the sender, but exactly how do they know when you've simply resealed a package and brought it back to them?

    this was always just a curious thought in my mind...
  2. Hey sweet_pees,

    Not sure if I can help, but I refused a package (for my BF) from DHL twice before. I simply asked the delivery man if I could open it (with him present) to see if the item was damaged (because a lot of people online said they've received their item damaged and had to keep it since they had already accepted it and their delivery person left already). The DHL delivery man was nice enough to allow me to open it with him present and we both noticed the item was damaged. I threw some more tape back onto the box and the DHL delivery man took it back to the warehouse as "refused". While the package was opened, I took pictures of it showing it was damaged and the packaging it came in was horribly cared for from the shipper. The BF then contacted the company from which he purchased this item and they said they would send a new item out in better packaging. *ding dong* the same DHL delivery man shows up a few weeks later and it was the same fricking package from the first time! It even had "refused" written on the back of it (which I believe was written by somebody in the DHL warehouse). Then the BF contacted the company again and they said they would be sending a new item AGAIN... they won't refund him his money; they just keep saying they'll send a new item in "better packaging". Pshhhhhh............

    My suggestion is just to ask the delivery person if you can open the item first to examine the goods before accepting/rejecting it.
  3. I think that when you refuse the package you hand it right over to the postal man/woman or the UPS/FedEx driver. I don' think they'll stand there and wait for you to open the package look inside and then seal it and give it back. If you refuse a package you just hand it right back.

    Unless you the delivery man, you can't refuse an open package.
  4. You will have signed for the package, therefor accepting it. So taking back to the postal service you'd have to pay to send it back.

    If it was just dropped off at your house with no signature required, i'm sure you could attempt to take it back to the postal service and see if they will return it.
  5. Yeah who has UPS people that actually hang around and wait for them to answer the door. Mine just throw it on my door step and I swear to all that is holy they must take off running because by the time I get to the door their truck is already speeding away:cursing:
  6. I've refused a package from USPS and I'm still tracking it down.

    I bought something on eBay from a seller that accepts return within 30 days. The day after I bidded on it I found another color of the item in a mall that I wanted, so I knew I won't be needing the one from eBay. After I got the item I did not open it at all because I wanted to refuse it. I just slipped the RMA paper into the box and sealed it up. Because it was dropped off to my office building so I had to bring it to the post office.

    I asked the USPS person if the tracking will show that I refused it, he said yes, but it will not track afterward (because technically it's delivered). But on the track & confirm page on usps.com I can see that after I've refused it, it was processed 3 separate times in 3 different sort facilities. It does not say it's returned to the shipper, and now I'm trying to track it down since I want my refund.

    Might have been easier to just pay for return shipping, but I thought refusing it does just the same.
  7. yes we refused a package when we found out it was a scam, it's called furniture fix
  8. they tried to charge us 30.00 for shipping to send it back to them, of course we are not paying that