has anyone ever thought of...

  1. organizing a RAOK (random acts of kindness) little game for this forummmmmmm????

    I really think we should get one started, the other bag lovers look like they are having SO very much fun!!!!! :wlae:

    What do you guys think? :supacool:
  2. I would sign up if you guys decide to do it! I missed out on the Coach one, but am doing the LV one right now. I think it brings TPF girls/guys closer together and who does not love random gifts!
  3. Sign me up!! :yahoo:
  4. hmmm do u think we can get more people to dooooooooo it??? haha not so much fun with only us three :sad:

    lets try to rattle people up!!!!!
  5. I would be interested also
  6. Okay, I think it will work in the Gucci forum, we just need to see if people are interested in doing it. We can do it for only a month (maybe the month of April), have a spending limit-say $150, and do 2 smaller gifts and the last gift be the biggie. What do you think?
  7. lets doooooooooooooooo it!!!! :smile:

    how do we organize it? what do we do? what are the rules :sad: confused

    Blew415 you look like u have a grasp on the details, wanna take charge? hehe!
  8. I will take charge but it doesn't seem that too many people are interested- there is only 4 of us!
  9. I'm confused. Can you please explain.
  10. Maybe someone can explain the rule of the games? And maybe more people will join? I am not familiar with it myself. Thanks :smile:
  11. This is similar to what the girls/guys did on the Hermes forum, the Coach forum, and now the LV forum. Kinda like a secret santa. You would send out your buddy (which would be assigned to you based on location willing to mail to) a total of 3 gifts, better known as Random Acts Of Kindness. You would not reveal your identity until the last gift-to make it more exciting! And, once you start receiving gifts-you post pictures of them so we can all drool!
  12. lets do it lets do itttttttttttt LETS DO IT!!! :smile: