Has anyone ever successfully switched hardware preference??

  1. I am a silver/platinum girl. I never, never wear gold. It just doesn't flatter me. So, all my bags have silver hardware. But, I am on the list for the red reissue at NM. On the off chance that I should get the call, can I get used to gold hardware or should that be a sign that it isn't for me??
  2. I was hardcore white gold FOREVER, and last year I made a small transition to gold. It started with a chanel gold butterfly necklace than a cc sky black and gold chain link bracelet and now I'm searching for a balenciaga black city bag with GGH, so its possible....
  3. I also prefer silver, but I do wear a gold/silver mixture (david yurman). I'd wait until you get the bag, take it home and try it on. You might be surprised. If you still feel the gold is not for you then you can always return it. I'm also waiting for this bag and I think I will love this in gold.
  4. Well, it might be moot. Who knows if I'll even get a chance at it. I am on the list, but I don't know how far down!
  5. I recently purchased the classic jumbo flap in black w/ silver hw (almost a month ago).....and I'm a HARDCORE yellow gold person--have been all my life. All my bags are with gold/brass (LV bags) hardware.

    I remember when I purchased my Red Epi Speedy 25 almost 2 yrs. ago, (and the ones with gold hw were becoming scarce cuz they were discontinuing them with gold hw, and then only having them with silver..) I called LV asking them if they can hunt me down one with gold hw. They found me the last one with gold. It was in the backroom somewhere. I really liked the red, but didn't want to buy it with silver hw.

    LOL, lil did I know that I'd eventually end up with a Chanel bag w/ silver hw...HAHA!!:lol:


    I already had the GST with gold hw (which I got this past Xmas) and this was to be my last Chanel. I figured it would be nice to have one bag with gold, and one with silver. To give me some variety. Also, when I had seen the jumbo with gold hw it just didn't "call to me"....I didn't like it...seemed a bit dressy (IMO) on the flap style. It was soooo weird for me not to go with gold. But for some reason when I tried the jumbo with silver hw on....I just liked it better. I liked the fact that it gave me a different look to play with amongst my collection of bags. Something edgy, chic.

    At first...I got a bit nervous being I only wear gold jewelry....I wear ZERO silver jewelry, don't own any. I just was never attracted to silver jewelry, hw on bags, etc. Although LOL I like silver on other things....silver cars, appliances (my washer/dryer are LG and our stainless steel...my fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave, all stainless steel!) haha! I posted on tPF boards about the jewelry and bag hw matching, and the majority of posters told me it wasn't a big deal if my jewelry didn't match my bag hw. I don't wear much jewelry anyway...just my wedding/and anniv. rings. (which are yellow gold). So, I guess it's no biggy.

    Now that it's been almost a month...I can say...I'm over the whole..."I don't know...it's silver...not gold thing" LOL!!!!!! I :heart: my jumbo w/ silver!! :love:

    So...when I feel like wearing my gold...I can use my GST, and when I feel like being a bit edgy, casual...I can take out my jumbo w/ silver.:tup:

    To answer you're "?" "Has anyone ever successfully switched hardware preference?"

    Umm...I can say....I haven't switched to silver completely, but I now like both.:yes: Gold still catches my eye first....but silver is also now an option.:tup: Which before there was NO WAY I'd go with anything silver. Also, I've been cking out pics of the white jumbo flap....and in that bag I also like it better in silver!! Reissues, I like better in silver as well. The beige GST in gold hw. I think for me it comes down to the style of the bag.

    Don't worry--if for some reason you don't like the red reissue w/ gold when you get it......you can always return it. :yes:

  6. I've never been a faithfull gold or silver hardware girl. I like both colors. I wear a silver and gold banded Rolex, so it pulls everything together no matter which hardware I'm wearing on my bag that day. I think you could switch if you really don't hate one or the other.
  7. I'm a silver hw girl. The bag that I'd make an exception for is the metallic red w/gold hw.
  8. ^^^I totally agree. All of my Chanel bags have silver hardware, but I'd definitely make an exception for the metallic red reissue. It's such a stunning combination.
  9. I used to prefer silver, but now I like both. It really depends on the bag. I also have no problem mixing. Jimmy Choo bags got me to like gold hardware, and while most of my Chanels have silver I have one Chanel with gold HW my black GST. The red reissue is stunning!!!
  10. Same here. I wear a gold and silver watch and silver diamond studs but I don't usually wear anything else that necessitates one metal over the other so I try to switch it up. I find that I love gold when I wear it and love silver for not being so bold. I'm working on getting more silver hw bags but definitely think both types of hw are gorgeous in their own right. I think gold and metallic red is :love: I like it more than silver on the reissue- it's so rich looking.
  11. I prefer gold jewelry and gold hardware.

    But lately I've found myself liking the silver hardware more and more. Which is great, because I used to skip the bags with silver hardware. There's still hope for me yet!
  12. ^Haha....I used to skip the silver bags altogether as well--if I can sneak on over to the silver side, anyone can! LOL!

    Hmm, I guess I did successfully switch hardware preference to an extent. Now I'm open to silver! :tup: Success. :yahoo:

  13. I don't discriminate..I love both silver and gold hardware. If I am carrying a bag with silver hardware, my jewelry that day will be silver-toned...and same goes for gold hardware..then gold jewelry that day = )
  14. Never say never - - I'm a gold wearer - my one Chanel has gold hardware - my Chanel sunnies have gold - - but I find myself looking at the icy color of silver --- when I look at a bag - - I look at the bag as a whole - - if I love it - it doesn't matter what color the hardware is - - the older I get - the more I enjoy diversity!!

  15. Same here!! But metallic red (and patent red) reissue is probably the only exception I am prepared to make. Otherwise, it's silver for me.

    In any event, as you've said in your opening post, it's just a "preference". Some colours work better with gold than others. And I guess it also depends on your age and general style etc etc. Some ladies can really carry gold and look stunning with it and some just look bad (e.g. me :sweatdrop:)...