Has anyone ever special ordered a pair of CL's from Paris?

  1. I called NY looking for a particular shoe, but they said it was a few seasons old and the only way to get it was to special order it from Paris. They said it costs retail + an additional 25%. I was just wondering if anyone has done this and what their experience has been. Thanks!
  2. I haven't done it *yet* (will do a couple pretty soon though) but one thing that you need to be absolutely sure of is SIZING -- since CL sizes run all over the map (depending on the style). There's no return/exchange/store credit for these things, so once you special-order it, it's yours. Also, keep in mind they do cancel special-orders every now & then due to lack of materials, timing, etc.....so special-orders aren't guaranteed 100%.
  3. i have a friend that always does special orders and she loves them all
  4. Since it is a special order can you send you exact show size. I know a lot of CLs are narrow. Can you request a specific heel height?
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  6. You can request any heel height -- 120mm (which is the highest CL does), 100mm, lower, etc. Sizing-wise you need to know the size specific to each style as CL sizing runs all over the map; cut/arch of the shoe can vary significantly from style to style. For example, you might be a 35 in Helmut, 36.5-37 in Decollete 868, 35.5 in Pigalle 120, 36 in Yoyo Zeppa....so a person's CL size range can very well be from 35-37, and unless you don't mind paying for 5 pre-orders -- sizes 35, 35.5, 36, 36.5, & 37 -- to test-out the sizes, you'd need to know precisely what size you need in the specific style.