Has anyone ever sold their stuff via Amazon.com?

  1. Has anyone ever sold their handbags/stuff on Amazon.com?

    [edit] They don't post many pictures :[
  2. I sold a book! It was smooth and easy.
  3. Since the last hurricane we had in Key west we have not had a book store! The borders was flooded like mad (it opens this month!) thank the heavens! SO I have been ordering from Amazon like crazy...its a great deal to buy a book that has been read once! I love it. I have never noticed handbags!
  4. Yes, I use Amazon all the time to buy and sell books, cds and dvds. The listing process for books, cds, dvds, etc is a no brainer - really, really easy. The one thing I have learned is that you must price your product competively or it will get lost in all the pages. The pages are sorted by price - so I try to stay on the first or second page. HTH
  5. Thanks for posting guys! I wish I saw more handbags on there, it seems less complicated than eBay, but at the same time the only ones I have seen have gotten bad feedback.
  6. I only use Amazon to sell books. Great transactions, alwayz.
  7. I tried to sell an LV on amazon once but was competing w/too many fakes that it didnt work!
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