Has anyone ever sold old gold/diamonds/jewerly?

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  1. I always see those commericals where the company is buys your old gold and so on. Has anyone done this? I know gold is reallly expensive right now and I have old jewerly I would love to sell but I don't know if it's worth it. :confused1:

    Any ideas? Anyone did it? Thanks for your help!
  2. 14K (and up) jewelry is made with other metals since gold is very soft, you will find that the actual amount of gold that they weigh will not bring a lot of money. You would
    do better to find a place that would buy them for their workmanship - especially if they are antique pieces.
  3. ^^^ good idea!
    We sold some gold my DH had bought to use in dental school. One of the hotels here had a room rented to a company that come into town a couple of times a year.
    I would not be mailing anything to anyone. Its your word against theirs if they claim they didn't get it or that something was missing.
  4. I have a jeweler here who pays top dollar for gold. I buy and sell a lot of Rolex watches and diamonds with him. Very fair and honest. I can provide you his name and number if you want.

  5. I was having some work made and brought some 14k "junk jewelry" in to the jeweler. The idea was that he'd recycle my old things into my new. Instead he just applied the value against the work he was doing and that worked out just fine.
  6. We had a neighborhood garage sale and 2 guys came around looking for gold. He paid me by the weight. I just gave him stuff that I totally didn't use at all. I wasn't even planning to sell it he just asked. I really didn't care what I got for it and it was nice to unload some stuff and get some extra cash.
  7. You will get much more for it if you sell it on your own versus going to a jeweler. I have sold gold by gram weight on eBay and made as much as $700! Put in your title 'wear or scrap' and that will bring a lot of attention.