Has anyone ever shopped on flannels.com?

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  1. They got some good deals on bags hoping it's a legit website and was hoping anyone had some experience :smile:
  2. I have bought two Mulberry bags from them and everything went really well. :smile: So it definitely is legit. I can't say anything about the customer service though as the bags were perfect and I hadn't need to contact them.
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  3. The site seems OK but I can't see any Gucci on there :confused1:
  4. Here is http://www.flannels.com/women/brands/gucci :smile:
  5. They have the XL mini flap I've been eyeing
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  6. Yes they have a store in Leeds where I live. They are legit
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  8. my $620 sale disco is EN ROUTE from flannels now...ordered it on Wednesday and it is already out for delivery in TX...so far I am impressed!
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  9. Show us when u get it!