Has anyone ever shopped here?

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  1. www.stylerunway.com anyone ever heard of it or shopped from there? They're doing this x'mas thing and all designer bags and clothes are like 50-75% off. Is the stuff they carry real?
  2. Hmmm, site looks a little suspicious. One thing I look for is contact info, if it is only thru email I go ba bye. :tdown:
  3. the handbags are fake for sure...:nogood:
  4. Run from the stylerunway, they don't even have an address. Of course, an address doesn't mean anything, but they didn't even bother with that.
  5. To guarantee that it is indeed fake, I looked at the Juicy. They don't even carry Petite, which screams KNOCK-OFF!
  6. I definitely would not shop at this website. There are way too many red flags, most of which other posters have pointed out. In their about page they also make this statement: "Merchandise Purchased from Authorized Dealers Only." That means they aren't authorized retailers for any of the brands they sell, they buy their goods from "reputable" distributors for resale. And yeah, those Balenciaga bags are fake for sure.
  7. Not only are they fakes they are bag, ugly fakes. No site can legally sell Chanel...enough said.
  8. this is a Deals & Steals Forum, please only post great sales found online from sites you KNOW only carry authentic goods.
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