Has anyone ever shipped to 'unconfirmed' address?

  1. Hi-
    I just had some auctions end tonight and two of my buyers are overseas. They each paid immediately, but their addresses are not 'confirmed'. I emailed them asking if they could correct this and explained the seller protection policy to them. I even explained to them how to confirm their addresses. I was thinking about refunding their payments and starting over. I do not want to assume any risk. They are 'verified' but I know that won't hold up. Also, I only ship EMS so would that suffice for the 'unconfirmed' address? Thanks in advance.:hrmm:
  2. They both wrote back:

    Hi, sorry didnt realise. i had no problem with my recent purchase from Hong Kong though. not sure how to confirm my address but will give it a shot. plse bear with me. thanks!

    I'm not sure if the German Paypal is the same as in the US. I'm verified by Paypal with two bank accounts. also i don't have a credit card. I don't know what's actual the problem. if you get the money why do you need protection. I bought from the US before and there was no problem. you can look at my feedback 100% positve. So I hope there's no problem.

    Er, Uh...
  3. Unfortunately only the UK and US confirm paypal accounts right now which means the rest of us are always unconfirmed (trust me I've pestered paypal about this). You will compromise your seller protection by selling to these people, but if you weigh up their feedback and the postal and credit card details match, it is probably safe (you should require the buyers to pay extra for tracked post and insurance etc)...
  4. I think(?) that only the US, UK and Canada have confirmed addresses. I live in Australia and while our accounts can be verified, they can't/aren't confirmed which is a huge pain...for both buyer and seller. Perhaps your buyers are in the same situation? Hope it all works out for you.:smile:
  5. I did charge both for ems shipping. One item is a pair of Manolo Blahniks that sold for $400 to a buyer with perfect fb who paid by electronic funds transfer. So she can't threaten a chargeback right? The other item is a nylon Prada bag that sold for $100 to a newbie who paid 'instant'. What would you all do? I think I might send the shoes b/c of buyer's feedback and payment method. But I don't know about the bag...
  6. EMS shipping will make sure it gets to their addresses so they cannot claim they did not get it! And there is no way anyone can get back funds transfer once the money is in your bank. It is a huge pain that PayPal cannot confirm addresses in most countries, including mine. For big ticket items from trusted sellers, I sometimes offer to pay using bank wire transfers (although this costs me more) to show that I have no intention to scam them!
  7. Ok, here is what I did. I registered with Bidpay and refunded the buyer in Singapore for the Prada Bag $100. I asked her to pay me through Bidpay. Now, the buyer in Germany has paid me through Electronic Funds Transfer and has excellent feedback so I think I will just send to her since she cannot file a chargeback on me and does not have a credit card to register with Bidpay. Sound good?
  8. Hey Bella,

    I just wanted to confirm that here in Germany it's really not possible to have a confirmed address with Paypal as of now :push: Don't ask me why, it really sucks for international transactions as lots of seller only will sell to buyers with a confirmed address. I've written to Paypal a lot of times already about that but they always say that are no plans yet to introduce the "confirmed address" status for Germany at the moment :crybaby: I don't see why they can't do it though, as far as I understand "confirmed address" only means that the shipping address matches the billing address on your credit card, right?
  9. I know, Kittie. Paypal is so stupid about things now. I think I am going to find alternate payment methods. I'm gonna test out Bidpay. My mom buys a lot of dolls and doll accessories on eBay and majority of those sellers accept only check or m.o. I used to think they were crazy but I dunno so much (at least for smaller ticket items under $50).
  10. I could be wrong about this, but I THINK that if the buyer claims that she never received, or fake, or whatever, that the EFT doesn't matter. Paypal can still take the money back out of YOUR account, if you have your checking account on your paypal account. Does that make sense?
    But you probably have nothing to worry about, since the buyer has lots of good feedback, etc! I hope it works out fine for you!
    BTW - I refuse to send to unconfirmed. Just too iffy for me.
  11. It's a gamble. Weigh the feedbacks before deciding.
  12. I do ship to unconfirmed addresses since not every country is able to get confirmed, and a lot of my buyers are international. I do make sure I ship all of my items out with USPS Express Mail, that way there is a "guaranteed" delivery date and the package must be signed for upon delivery.
  13. If you ship to unconfirmed, paypal WILL take the money back out of your account if the buyer claims anything. DO NOT send to unconfirmed addresses if it is an amount of money you can't afford to lose.

    I learned this the hard way. I had EMS and everything. If you ship to an unconfirmed address, paypal will take back the money based on just the buyer's word.
  14. Use your best judgement. . . you are only covered under seller protection shipping to US, Canada or UK. If its not a very expensive item I will ship to an unconfirmed address, but I check their feedback, and see how active of an Ebayer they are. If they are new, or not very active, I will not ship to an unconfirmed. You can also block these payments in paypal or advise them to use bidpay. I think it should be the other way around- buyers are protected if their address is confirmed. Good luck!
  15. I'd definitely say use your best judgment on these types of things. I have often sent to confirmed addresses overseas, but I have always used EMS which is the only way you can send overseas from the US and have tracking. It's more expensive but the peace of mind is worth it.