Has anyone ever sent their SA a "Thank you"?

  1. Not a present or anything, just a card or a note? I have an SA that I really like and I was just really impressed with her even though I wasn't able to buy at the time. Would you sent her something? She just made such a good impression on me...:yes:
  2. Maybe a letter to the manager would be nice.
  3. I would also like to see if anyone else has. I love one of my SA's. She has always gone way out of her way for me and has helped my referals aswell. I would like to send her something, as a token of my appreciation. however, Is it against company policy for them to accept a gift from their client?

    my sa is the chanel manager by the way.
  4. When I bought from Chanel...both SAs I have dealt with said they would call back to see how I liked the item but I never got a call!:crybaby:
  5. I have given chocolates and other thank you gifts to some of my SA's.:yes:
  6. I've given chocolate also (love MarieBelle, they are so adorable with little pictures painted on them). I've sent a Starbucks card in the mail w/ thank you card and gift cards for a restaurant in the mall where they work (for lunch).
  7. I have too. I have sen thank you cards and flowers.
  8. No, not really. I just go back to them all the time :smile: hehe
  9. i've given godiva chocolates and starbucks gift cards before.
  10. Ive sent a card before! :yes:
  11. Me too, no gifts. Just trust, which is quite hard to come by especially w/ the fact that they handle alot of YOUR PRIVATE info (CC #, names, addresses, telp #). I think going back to buy from them again is good enough. It's an indication that the customer trusts them.

    It depends also on what kind of familiarity level you are with them. If you know their personal life, chat w/ them often, then a gift would be nice. But on a business aspect, I'd like to keep it simple.
  12. I gave gifts to my SAs at Christmas time. Gifts like gift cards to starbuck or Nordy cafe or haut chocolate. Of course SAS that I have work with more than a year.