Has anyone ever sent a bag in for repair?

  1. What happened? I have one bag that needs a repair and I plan on sending it in. What happens then? Also, I have another bag, fabric with leather trim, that isn't damaged, but it's not in great shape. the leather is scuffed up, the fabric is not as clean as it could be. Would they do anything to fix that one? Thanks! (btw, the bags aren't mine, i am doing this for a friend.)
  2. Coach does not clean bags. They can't so anything for scuffed up leather either. have you tried Coach Moisturizer & cleaner? On the fabric, have you tried the new Signature Fabric Cleaner, diaper wipes or whatever else you can find by searching through the messages here (lots & lots of stuff on cleaning).

    Repairs - send it in with $20. They will ship it back in about 6 weeks if they repair it. If they can't repair it, they will send the bag back to you in about 2 weeks. They will let you know they can't repair it. They may offer a discount on a future purchase if they can't repair it.
  3. ^ thank you. i actually threw the bag into the wash to try and clean it. it didn't help. :sad:
  4. about 8 years ago i was in the coach boutique in atlanta's lenox square just buying a purse. the SA saw my old coach bag i was using and told me they could resew a spot for free. she took it from me and had me fill out a form and i received it in the mail within 2 weeks. it was wrapped and cleaned and in tissue like a brand new bag! no cost to me at all as i didn't even initiate the subject. it was due to the SA's insistence that i gave her the bag for repair: it wasn't bad at all - just normal wear and tear. the bag was probably 10 years old. i was very impresssed. it made me a coach customer for life.
  5. just for info- try a good cobbler for cleaning or minor repairs. they do work with leather after all. just an opinion.
  6. I have sent in 2 bags, I think that they determine what they will do depending on the nature of the damage, the age of the bag and availablility.

    One bag was only used for one season, but was a over a year old. The it was a signature carryall tote. The suede on the bottom wore off of the piping and I think Coach stopped doing this because they didn't wear well. They couldn't repair it, but since it was a common defect, they kept the bag, did not repair it and gave me a full purchase price credit.

    The other time, it was a factory defect on my Holiday Patchwork Duffle (the new one is in transit right now), the gold prematurely rubbed off of one of the patches and they aren't fixing it, they still have them in stock and are sending me a new one.

    I have heard from people about partial credits also, but have not experienced it. I have heard that they will clean bags through the boutique (I can't verify this), but I know that they will not clean bags sent in.

    They always charge the $20 fee, but both times I sent in a bag, I pointed out that they were from defects and they sent me a $20 refund check.:yes:

    I have also heard that Coach has the best customer service policy of most handbag companies. Dooney and Bourke will take bad bags back, but will only offer a partial credit.
  7. This is the same bag I sent in and the same problem and the same result!! :biggrin: It was nice because I had bought the bag on sale at Macy's and got a full refund.

    I saw another girl with the same bag right after I had sent mine in, and it had the same problem. Hers was icky and stained though, so I don't know if she was able to get help.