Has anyone ever seen...

  1. ... a Plume 28 or 32 in Turquoise Chevre? Does this exist?
    I'm thinking Plume for my next bag and would love Chevre. Plumes usually come in Epsom (not for me) and box or chamonix (I :heart: but want something more casual for everyday and more weather-friendly.)
    I'd also love Thalassa, but they are not currently producing it in Chevre (or much else.)

    I have a little love affair:love: going on with Chevre but don't have a chevre bag yet, so, the Plume might be nice.

    Can anyone recall any other colors they've seen in chevre Plumes? Maybe some neutrals or browns?

  2. I actually think I've seen one in chevre at my boutique in dark brown. If it's still there, I'll double check.

    I've also seen plumes in suede, fjord, box, lizard (a fuchsia one and it ws gorgeous!), but mostly in epsom.
  3. Greentea,
    My last two visits to Palm Beach and one visit to Miami...not one Plume. I love Chevre and would love my birkin to come in in Chevre as well. Get this, three times to Hermes and not one bag at all in Chevre in any style. I am curious to hear what others say.

    I may take a drive this weekend and see if anything interesting is in Miami. If I do I will let you know.
  5. Isn't addicted's plume in chevre? Potiron, but I think it is....turquoise.....yum!
  6. Hi Kellybag...I'll be staying between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami for about two weeks. I want to go to the Hermes in Bal Harbour. I was there about two and a half years ago and the store was nice, but a little small. I think I'm going a week from Saturday!
  7. YEs!! Love that one. I may take Potiron chevre but I'm not sure since I just bought the Potiron B.
  8. From memory, I have seen it in chocolate, potiron and black chevre.

    Hope this helps :smile: