Has anyone ever seen this??

  1. i only have the agenda and the bracelet. That box would be sweet!
  2. Oooh awesome, I've never seen this before !
  3. I have never seen it either.
  4. Is it authentic? I mean was this part of a special line or something? I've never heard of it.
  5. vuitton millenium line or day/night line was released in the year 2000 to celebrate Y2K! =)
  6. yes and others pieces were produced too like an epi vernis line, that has lv's when you put it under ultraviolet light .
  7. Ohh, I saw that epi vernis agenda on ebay before
  8. I think I saw this on Karen Kooper's site....
  9. I've never seem it but it's very cute!!!:love:
  10. WOW:love: ...I've NEVER seen that before, but then again...it was before I was into LV. LOVE IT!!! Does anyone have pictures of the LV epi with the black light LV letters, that sounds absolutely AMAZING!!
  11. [​IMG] Here it is!
    It was the 2000 millenium love box. It comes with two keys to open the little 2000 LV silver padlock. Inside is a electric blue envelope, so you can leave loveletters in it to each other. I also have the bracelet in silver and the agenda in red, I will take pics under blacklight and see if they come out!!
  12. Oh WOW!! Thanks for posting the picture! I can't WAIT to see the agenda pic! AMAZING!!!:love: :love: :love:
  13. OMG, I sooo wish you were here to help me do this!!:lol: I am in the closet with my mini blacklight! I am also trying to get RW glowing too. I am having a little LV rave! LV_addict will post pics later!:roflmfao:
  14. YEAH FOR LV RAVES:lol: ha ha ha...If I could be there, I would! Thanks in advance for all the hard work!! I can't wait!!!:biggrin: