Has anyone ever seen this in black?

  1. Still trying to find this in black. I have scoured eBay for a month. All I can find is Khaki with blue, gold, or pink. Has anyone ever seen this in black or should I quit wasting my time? Number is 6521.

  2. Wish I could help you.
    Can't see the pic.
  3. OK, lets try this picture...

  4. sorry...never seen that in a black signature.

    I own that in the gold, and an all leather version in white. (maybe they made a black leather version? or are you specifically looking for signature?)
  5. I could do the all leather...do you know the style number, by chance??
  6. are you sure it came in black? I thought it was only in the khaki sig with the colors
  7. Never seen it in black, but i just bought that blue one!
  8. I had gone back to the outlet after you posted about that the first time, and they were gone!:sad:

    I'll keep an eye out for you though!;)
  9. Thanks HBL, I thought it was you that said they were at the outlets...at least if you have seen one then I will keep looking. Thanks!