Has anyone ever seen this effect?

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  1. A sort of vein-y appearance on the interior of Lightweight NVT. This is an A4 Black tote. My Oak didn't have it. I never thought anything of it until it was pointed out to me.

    I'd be grateful for any opinions?

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  2. Never seen that before!
  3. Quickly checked my NVTs but no, none of them have these.
    Any cause you can think of - eg. left the bag in the car over cold night or what ever (sorry not saying it's your fault etc, iykwim)

  4. No it's been like that since I got it last year. I never thought anything of it. But I'm worried it will affect resale value.
  5. Ooo no, my black NVT tote wasn't like that before she went to a new home. Not seen that before, I wonder what causes it.
  6. dont think my choc one had that either - sorry Corries.
  7. Weird, I've not seen that either.
  8. Nope, never seen anything like that before.
  9. Just checked my choc a4, and it didn't have veins :P

    Take it to Mulberry and ask, when you've got time?
  10. your bag is alive!
  11. Corries, I checked my choc one and it has veins in it. Much less, but they are there. I think you have nothing to worry about. This is the normal patterns from surface veins of the animal hide used. And this leather is also a little thinner than others.

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  12. Aaaaaaargh!!!!!! My Bag the Borg !!!!

    Thanks very much Lakrits. You have put my mind at rest..
  13. Looks like your cow had varicose veins corries! :roflmfao:

    I can't check my lipstick A4 tote as it's lined! I didn't realise some were not...:confused1:
  14. strange vieny bag! its alive!

  15. Well it's a perfect match for me then fuzzy . My legs are part Ink Blue part Rouge Noir!

    She must have been a poor old soul to get into that nick. All that standing around chewing the cud.

    Relieved that I carried her rather than ate her!