Has Anyone Ever Seen This Bag?

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I was going through my mom's closet this weekend while I was home from school and I came across this Christian Dior bag that my mom says she received as a gift. My mom is not one to carry fake bags, but since I have never seen this bag in the stores and it was a gift, Im wondering if it was ever made....

    P.S I took it back to school with me...so if you guys think its authentic plz let me know so I can start carrying it! :P

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  2. so from the lack of responses...i gather no one has ever seen this?? noriko, what do you think since your so familiar with dior??
  3. I dont think its authentic.. but then again, i dont know much about dior... :sad2:
  4. Looks like a fake.
  5. i think it's fake too.
  6. In my opinion, its horrible anyway!
  7. I don't think it's fake. I think it's an older bag. Before JG started at Dior. The house was struggling for a while and the only real seller was the Miss Dior (or Lady Dior) bag. That looks like a tote that they did back in the 80's. It's kinda cool in it's way. Use it at school to carry books. I knew a girl who used to carry school stuff in a beat up Chanel quilted bag which was large enough to be a tote. It was quite punk of her.
  8. Its looks like a good school bag , real or fake
  9. Real or fake its a bag I would tote my stuff in.
  10. Would be cool if it were real. Dior has a lot of nice totes. Have you seen the cannage tote?
  11. I think I've seen this bag some years bag... There's just a lot of models for the Dior Denim line to keep track of.
  12. Thanks for your help everyone..i took it in to the dior boutique at saks and they told me that it was real but it was just an old model like someone^ hinted to...