Has Anyone Ever Seen This Bag?


Nov 21, 2005
Hi Guys,
I was going through my mom's closet this weekend while I was home from school and I came across this Christian Dior bag that my mom says she received as a gift. My mom is not one to carry fake bags, but since I have never seen this bag in the stores and it was a gift, Im wondering if it was ever made....

P.S I took it back to school with me...so if you guys think its authentic plz let me know so I can start carrying it! :P


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Purses are my Passion
Oct 31, 2005
I don't think it's fake. I think it's an older bag. Before JG started at Dior. The house was struggling for a while and the only real seller was the Miss Dior (or Lady Dior) bag. That looks like a tote that they did back in the 80's. It's kinda cool in it's way. Use it at school to carry books. I knew a girl who used to carry school stuff in a beat up Chanel quilted bag which was large enough to be a tote. It was quite punk of her.