has anyone ever seen these shoes before??

  1. nice shoes!
  2. I am DESPERATELY looking for these in size 9!!! LOVE them!!!:love: If that's her size, tell her to grab them while she can. They are very rare.
  3. Those are so cute and priced very well! Grab 'em!
  4. Very cute and TDF IRL. I tried them on last year at the boutique
  5. im so sorry but im still new to this forum what does TDF and IRL mean??!!! sorry hope i dont sound stupid!!
  6. I love the sandals in that line! HUBBA HUBBA!
  7. TDF - to die for
    IRL - in real life
  8. Gorgeous! I love the little brass koala lock :smile:
  9. thanks for explaining those words!! i am still new to all this.....i really love these shoes and my friend and i wear the same size....so i am begging her to get them!!!
  10. Oooh, these are so cute!
  11. Totally hot, I wish it was my size too, karen has also these available
    Kinda too open for the actual weather LoL

  12. OMG! Those shoes are faaaaaaabulous ... if they were only in my size ... :angel:
  13. Damn gurl :nuts: those Croc shoes are BANGIN' :love:
  14. ^^^ It's a faux croc though!:graucho: But they are BANGIN'!!!:wlae: