has anyone ever seen the petrol stam IRL?

  1. has anyone seen this bag or know where to get it? :confused1::confused1:


    its from the fall collection, but ive never seen it in in stores. ive never actually been to the marc jacobs store, so i dont know if they had it there.

    thanks guys :smile::smile::smile:
  2. have you tried calling the mj boutiques directly? they'll be able to locate one for you. i haven't seen it in the department stores either.
  3. it's still at Shopbop.com

    I think you can still get $250 off by using the code GETAJUMP
  4. i saw it at Neiman Marcus, it's such a nice color, Neimans is having their sale and i know they carried it, so they should be able to find it for you for 33% off or so