Has anyone ever seen some abused LVs?

  1. LVs are so beautiful and it kills me to see some of these women carrying their LVs like a trash bag? I mean, it is totally stained and dirty and the monogram really dulled up. And yes, they do look authentic. Mostly I see the speedys, bucket and almas.

    Has anyone ever noticed some of these bags. I don't mind a dark patina to give it some characters but how can anyone put LVs thru such conditions.
  2. Yeah I've seen some of those ... mostly speedy and alma ... I'm disgusted when I see those poor neglected LV's ... even my hubby and kids says ughh! lol
  3. I seen it but I think it's because it's probably their only and every day bag?
  4. about 5 months ago my grandma put a whole in her Mono Speedy she's had it for more than 10 years and I was so upset!!! She didn't care at all She just moved on to another LV bag of her's...but I wanted to cry lol
  5. Yeah, too bad there r no pics to share. Most are speedies and they looked so pathetic I felt sorry for them. Glad to know they're well used & that their owners aren't anal but I wouldn't do my bags like that. To each their own I guess!
  6. I have a friend whose Speedy has BLACK handles. I do scold her for it but can't really blame her. Like Latin mentioned, she uses it EVERYDAY and since we're in NYC, it's easy for the handles to get dirty b/c the street/air is just grimey. She doesn't purposefully abuse her Speedy.
  7. Not abused, but well-used. I worked with a woman who picked up a speedy when travelling in Europe back in the 1980's. She carried that bag EVERY day and the last I saw of her (2 years ago) she was still carrying that bag. It didn't look bad, but "rough". Guess its a testament to quality.
  8. Yes, I think a lot of people aren't like us gals on here....they buy ONE bag and use the hell out of it.....I'm talking for years down the road.
  10. I want to cry when i see abused LV's. My friend put nail polish on hers.
  11. I like when the leather gets a dark patina but I have seen some bags in the shopping malls that look like they were in floods.:wtf: Especially almas with the vachetta bottom. Howver, I must admit that I have a cabas mezzo that I love to pieces and I think the bottom on that is not going to hold out well. I don't know, I hate to not use it but darn it is hard to keep clean.
  12. I am scared... I live in NYC and it's filthy here. I only use my Speedy on the weekends, but I'm scared.... just order some apple garde and cleaner stuff a few minutes ago actually!!
  13. I own an abused bag. My petite buckey pruchased in 1999 is a mess. Her insides are peeling all over the place andher vachetta is stained with liquid water marks. She needs to go in for repair. Prior to TPF my bags were well, just bags...not a collecction, not a show piece, a bag. LOL
  14. When I do see them they are usually a speedy 25 or 30. I have seen some that look like they have been run over by a car!

  15. I agree!!